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12-07-2005, 20:16
Ok, simple little trick I'm sure we all know. But I'm posting it anyway :nanana

This is great if you want to save some money. I wanted ski masks for some of my guys. But they were going to cost me about $2.00 each. So I went to Albertsons Grocery Store, and for $2.00 bought a pair of thin cotton OD gloves (1:1 scale) They look like 1:6 scale knit. I cut them off at the base of the finger (aka, cut off the whole finger) and slid it over the head, marked where they eye and mouth is and cut. For full face I reccomend useing the middle finger. Thumb pinkey and index are great for caps. You can sew the bottom so it doesn't frey but its up to you. I saved about $8.00 doing this. This is what it looks like:
(yes, the picures suck)

(posting this one because I thought it looked like a shot off a 7-11 camera like what you'd see on Americas most Wanted or something)