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10-14-2005, 19:12
For the longest time I have been using a manual egg beater drill for boring barrels etc, but recently my trusty tool met its demise so I am looking for an alternative.

I have two Dremel's, but their speed is a little fast small jobs. I tried to find another manual drill at my local hardware stores, but they do not carrry any.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what & where to buy?

howlin mad murdock
10-14-2005, 19:57
go to local hobby shop buy a pin vise drill and assorted sizes of drill bits.also
you should the MICRO MARK catalog for items like this if you can,t buy a drill
locally. i think they battery powered drills for hobbyist too.

10-15-2005, 15:27
You can pick up a lighter weight replacement for that egg-baeter style drill at your local Michael's or AC Moore craft store (Each have online sites as well) and purchase a FISKARS brand crank driven hand drill. They are black in color, light weight plastic w/ a pistol grip handle. I just secure the barrel of the weapon in a soft jawed hobby vise, and then drill away to the desired depth. No tedious back and forth motion and no melting of plastic due to friction induced heat.

Hope this helps.. :ar15

10-15-2005, 15:34
Thanks guys, I will look into all your suggestions over the weekend.