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09-14-2005, 18:32
For the longest time, Iíve been using this C-ration box design to complement my dioramas.

Up front Iíll say itís a very good design and I donít recall what site I copied it from. If itís yours, thanks for the printable and Iím sorry I didnít credit you for it.

This is what the beginning and finished product looked like, printed on a colored piece of paper and filled with a piece of foam.

Ö.but the case, while a serviceable item, didnít seem to be the same as the C-ration cases I recall rifling through.

Part of the difference was my crappy choice of paper color, and I either couldnít find or didnít look for paper that was closer in color to C-Rat cardboard.

I spent some time today preparing a more accurate, in color and markings, Vietnam era C-Ration case.

Printed on a single piece of 8 Ĺ X 11 inch piece of paper, this is what it looks like.

The various panels are all the same color, on my computer screen on the Microsoft Word document that I have saved. For reasons known only to the computer gods, when I print a sheet, the color varies from print to print.

Also, owing to my relative stupidity, I donít know how to (or if I can) attach a Word document to a posted message. If anyone wants the C-ration case emailed to them as an attachment, LMK.

After cutting out the sleeve and caseÖ

The case, cut, folded, and glued, with a foam insert, prior to final assembly.

The final case and sleeve. The case contains a normal complement of 12 meals, including that Vietnam staple, ďHam and Muther FÖ.kersĒ, AKA Ham and Lima Beans. Yummy.

The final updated version, compared to the previous version. As I recall, I did quite a bit of research when I made my first cases, making sure the dimensions were accurate. So, as far as I can be sure of, the size of the case is accurate to 1/6th.

HummmÖHam and MuthersÖmy favorite.

If you use the above sheet for your c-ration case, the main body of the case needs to be 3 ľ inches long.

A 1:1 version of a 1967 case of C-Rations

Other than trying to correct any color discrepancies, the only other thing I need to do with this printable is figure out how to get the crescent to set next to the printing on the end of the sleeves. Another one of those computer illiteracy thangs.

crescent on end of sleeves corrected and the printing made a bit larger

The black crescent that is seen on U.S. military ration packaging was formally adopted for the AEF in France during World War I to identify rations in the field, This symbol was adopted by all the allied armies and continued in use through WW II and is the international symbol for food in NATO as well. It continues in use to this day.
09-16-2005, 04:21
Hey man... you HAVE to send this here:

It's just too cool to keep to yourself!

Nice job!


09-16-2005, 08:25

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