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08-25-2005, 05:06
Hi there,

Can anyone make a drawing for me on how must I wrap a Shemag around the head of my action figures heads?

the Shemags I have are Hot Toys and they look very very large. I do not have the lesser idea on how a Shemag is supposed to be weared by my SAS troopers around their heads. I have seen some photographs, but I do not know how to proceed to achive the same realistic look.

Looking forward to have some replies from you fellas.

Best Regards.


kc guidry
08-25-2005, 13:07 had a 1:1 "how-to" on this subject awhile back. it may be archived on their site.

Crazy Chocobo
08-25-2005, 13:13
From Brigade Quartermasters:

Hope that helps you. Good luck.