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08-08-2005, 00:44
Ok, I wanted some form of tent to use and didn't want to spend a whole lot or take too much time. The one I made is very basic, rounded instead of your typical 4 walls and pitched roof. The whole prosses took about an hour, if that. It is a pretty good size when its done, roters detatched, the 21st cent. Little bird helicopter will fit in their with room to spare.
Heres what I did:

1: Went to local Surplus stor and bought a 1 yard peice of cammo fabric. It was maybe 5 feet tall, so you have a good bit with one yard.

2: Scrounged arround and got some wire fencing (not sure what kind it was, the wire was spaced to make little rectangles about 3 inches by maybe 1 1/2, 2 inches. Chicken wire would work too probably, but it may not be hefty enough, or any wire fencing really) I cut it about 3 feet long, the fencing was about 3 feet tall too.

3: Tie string from one corner to the next, pull tight so that it bends making a U shape. Do this for the other corner so that both ends are spaced the same, you may have to put another string in the middle too.

4: strech the fabric arround and cut to size leaving 1 to 2 inches arround the sides so that you can fold it over the edge of your frame. (this will make it look better and cover any of those sharp ends that stick out after you cut the wire)

5: Fold the fabric arround the edge of the frame and attatch useing a mothod of your chioce. I used hot glue, some of you may want to sew, or maybe have something different in mind. If you want to be able to take the fabric off, you can use velcro. I'm making a new one and thats how a plan to do it.

Finally, add any details you like. I bought some extra fabric to make a back and I'm going to make several fronts that can be attatched or detatched. One will be solid and another will be mesquito netting. Also, I plan to make a floor to cover the strings and keep the grass down.


Inside with maps on wall

With Little Bird Inside

A few things to add for effect:

It can get dark inside their, put in a light. a small bulb from a chritmas light or something will work fine. Make a generator to hide the batteries in.

Post things on the walls. Pictures, maps, whatever, to liven the place up.