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07-16-2005, 13:16
this trick is so so so simple and yet overlooked. Why spend £10 on custom boots when it costs nothing to mod your own rubber rubbish.

Here is a start shot. (

look very bulky, very ugly & to be honist the weakest part of a bash.

Now look after 5-10mins (

ohhh look bendy, oh look real looking. (

ohh look bendy running shot, now try that with default DML boots.

my 'How to guide' will be posted as soon as i've shot the pics

03-17-2006, 12:35
That is an awesome idea B2Z, and looks wicked!!! The way you've done it, by cutting part of the boot away, enables one to even attempt poking laces or thick thread through with a needle perhaps. I'll be trying this one meself me thinks!!! Thanx for the great custom tip......out!?!?!!