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06-26-2005, 13:02
I was having trouble adding the photos so I put links to the photos instead.
This is a simple way to make pretty good looking scopes for your 1/6 snipers. All you need is an exacto knife, any glue that will work with plastic, a standard papermate pen (Mechanical is looks best) and the "skeleton" that holds all those pieces for plastic models.

Step 1: Take out the plastic tip of a Papermate Mechanical Pen.
Step 2: Cut off the long tubular part that slides into the pen.

Nowyou have 2 parts; the cone shaped tip and a cylinder shaped piece.

Step 3: Take that plastic Skeleton
piece and cut out part of it so that you have a piece about 1/4 inch long, I recommend cutting a section with a number tab in the middle (this will make mounting easier)
Step 4: Take the tip and slide the top (the smallest part) onto one side of the plastic piece you just cut in Step 3. You may have to take a piece of sand paper and sand down that plastic piece so the pen tip will fit.
Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the cylinder piece of the pen, I recommend putting cut over the plastic.

Now paint it, attach it to your warriors gun, and enjoy. Its simple but looks really good in the end.

If you have questions, just pm me or email me at [email protected]