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06-24-2005, 15:28
Hey all, I just tried dyeing a few uniforms from white to dark green but the thred used on the seems didn't dye. Any suggestions...

I also dyed a couple of desert BUDu's, The pattern from the first gulf war. All the tan turned dark green, but the brown and black showed through and looks reall cool, if anyone is looking for something different for camo patterns.

06-24-2005, 15:34
plasoccri ... The overdyed Desert cammo sounds pretty damn cool .

As for your over dyed whites problem . Basically the reason the dye didn't take to the thread is that usually they use Synthetic (Nylon,Polyester,Etc...) thread which does not take to most regular dyes .
Being that most of the fabric is Cotton usally , it takes quite well to the uniforms but not the thread. Or the thread just ends up a much lighter shade. You might want to try to get some dye specifially for Polyester or synthetics. This works quite well on Cotton and should solve the thread problem as well .

Hope this helps .