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07-23-2010, 12:01
Hi guys,
as a complete 1/6th novice I would really appreciate some help from all you veterans out there. I am interested in the South African border wars & would really appreciate any tips &/or tutorials with regard to constructing a convincing diarama of the southern African bush. Advice on making a mud hut with thatched roof as well as an army style tent would also be very much welcome. Thanks in anticipation.

07-23-2010, 19:21
As far as the hut goes you could use a stout cardboard box, cut out doors and windows then cover it in Polyfilla or Spackle or whatever to give it the mud look then paint it a mud colour.

The straw roof? I'm still thinking about that because I need one for a VN hooch I have planned. Perhaps just use dried grass?

Where do you live? I know a lot of our American cousins use craft shops like Michaels for a lot fo their dio supplies. You could also try florist suppliers - they may do dried grass.

07-24-2010, 12:15
Hi actionman,
you & everyone else out there will have to forgive me as not only am I new to 1/6th but to computing & the internet also, so apologies in advance if I post in the wrong places. I'm based in the good old UK. Thanks for your reply & the tip about the hut. I have also thought about using a sort of long dried grass for thatched roofs which I believe is available from florists, it is really fine stuff & usually the correct colour, I think it is used for bulking out certain floral displays. A visit to my local flower seller will confirm this & I will report back.

mean ol' cuss
07-26-2010, 20:26
Another suggestion would be a decorative broom or few. I use these for simulating tall prarie grasses for desert and arctic dioramas. The strands from these brooms offer a jagged and rough look perfect for 1/6 scale. Though our other friends here may have suggested a cheaper alternative.

As for the structure of the roof, I suppose a conical shape constructed of cardboard would work and then affixing/gluing and weaving in the grasses there after would work. I don't know if you want the roof to work like a 'lid' so that you could lift it off and offer a view inside the hut. Another suggestion though.

I'll try to get a pic or two of the product I'm describing. I know I get from the floral dept. at JoAnn's fabrics or wherever you can get a collection of artificial flowers, etc.