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07-23-2010, 11:52
Hi everyone, I'm new to 1/6th modelling. Could any of you talented souls out there point me in the right direction as to scratch building soviet small arms of the 1970s? I am interested in making an AK47 - SKS - RPD & an RPG7 launcher (with missile). I have more ambition than skill so would really appreciate any good tips &/or tutorials. Thanks in anticipation.

07-23-2010, 19:25
There is a commercially made RPG-7 made (I think it's metal), and there are some resin version of at least one of the other weapons you want.

Before someone :overkill you I'd gently suggest using the OSW search function before posting a myriad of questions - most of the things you want to know will have been covered already.

If you do find a useful thread - even if it's a old one - feel free to add a reply or add questions for clarification on it.

07-26-2010, 16:53
I have seen all the other weapons except the RPG-7. Why not buy commercially made ones? They will look better than what you can probably make, especially since you claim to have no experience making such.

None of the stuff you listed is all that rare in 1:6 scale.

- Ivan.

07-26-2010, 17:23
I think all but the RPD has been made. At least I haven't seen an RPD, if I did I would have bought it. I think it was Zacca that made the RPG-7, not 100% sure though, but I have one so I know there is at least that floating around.

07-26-2010, 18:21
Heya, Steviedoubleu!

Everything you asl about has been made except for the RPD.

AK-47 / AKM: Dragon, 21st Century, Zacca, and Soldier Story with a metal and wood Type 56.
SKS: 21st Century put out a fairly nice SKS with a blade bayonet.
RPG-7: 21st Century, Armory, Zacca, and there has been a recent release from a new Chinese company.

I don't list all the manufacturers, just a sampling.

There is a resin RPD available, search the old posts and should find some info on it.

Hope this helps!

Proud son of Rose and Wes

07-27-2010, 14:51
Hi guys,
thanks for the tips. I have got a couple of 'action man' FALs (SLRs) via a friend but liked the idea of having a crack at making some small arms - I am aware that they would be poor cousins of any commercially available weapons but with time & patience I thought I might just get said guns looking fairly decent.

07-27-2010, 15:50
I have a RPD from some eBay vendor. It is a pretty fair gun except the very thin drum on top falls off too easily. I think it is by 21st Century Toys. I also just picked up a SVT-38 recently from another eBay vendor. It looks just like a SVT-40. Barrel is broken on that one though, but should not be too hard to fix.

- Ivan.