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04-27-2005, 07:59
Everybody knows about SCULPY clay for customizing things from weapons to beards etc. Everybody also fears SCULPY because you have to heat it to cure it.

Well have I got news for you...

I use a 2 part compound called MAGIC SCULP. I bought mine about 2 years ago and it is still "fresh". It came in 2 small jars (about 8oz each) but there are larger sizes available. You just knead equal parts of the 2 compounds together for about 30 seconds and then commence to sculpting. Then let it dry!

I have applyed it right to the faces of figures to make beards. I also made several Eotech Holosights before the toymakers made them.

For the beards I just smoothed it onto the face and used a couple of sculpting tools (exacto blade and a pencil) to make the "hair". I used a bench grinder and a Dremmel for smooth flat surfaces and detail on the HoloSights. MAGIC SCULP sands and grinds VERY nice!!!

I also sculpted the face on my PUNISHER fig.

I HIGHLY recommend MAGIC SCULP for projects where you don't want to put it in the oven, or where you really want a STURDY sandable, grindable material.

I GOOGLED MAGIC SCULP and a number of places popped up if you can't find it at your local Hobby Store.

A friend of mine uses clay called CREATURE CLAY. He's a taxidemist and says it REALLY sculpts nice and also air hardens.

I hope this helps!

04-27-2005, 11:17
Thanks bro! That tip should come in handy! :thumb

05-26-2005, 18:15
cool, have few questions before I buy some

is it more durable than Sculpty clay?
how long does it usally take to dry?


06-02-2005, 22:04
Sculpy sometimes stays a little "rubbery" when dry...Magic Sculp is hard. It really needs to sit over night to cure. Your sculpting time is sort of limited to may 10-15 minutes. Keeping a cup of water on hand to dip fingers or tools makes the clay a little easier to work with. A lot of times I just lick my fingers to help smoothe it. It doesn't taste very good, but for applying small amounts to a head or face and trying to smoothe it a few licks would be all you need.

Hope this helps.

K Sosse
06-02-2005, 22:37
ODABasher, You said it, Magic Sculpt Rules! I've also used it to stuff into silicon molds, and I love that it air cures, also i've used it to fill dents, bubble holes, first by speading it into the hole/dent, then smoothing it out with a dental spatula. :thumb
plus the durability is Top notch, one of my Magic Sculpt Headsculpts took a dive onto the concrete floor, and no chipping what so ever. :p
I can usually get about thirty minutes sculpt time out of it, at first it's really soft, and as time starts clicking down it firms up a bit, but I can still get it some detail tooling before it hardens too much, I try to sculpt in small patches, and add more at later sessions, this way I avoid any dremel work later on. :thumb
This material beats Sculpy in my book Hands down. :)

06-03-2005, 04:08
Originally posted by ODABasher
Everybody also fears SCULPY because you have to heat it to cure it.

Carissimi fratelli, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." - (can't recall where did I hear that, but it's catchy - maybe St. Paul's letter to someone... :p ). And so much lead is dangerous for your health.

Instead of curing Super Sculpey in the oven, have you tried to boil it? It's a technique I use regularly and gives good results, specially when you have to mix Sculpey with pieces that you don't dare to put in the oven. And, on top, you don't have to worry about toxic fumes in the same oven you use for cooking...

The only caveat is to use a cloth filter, so the plastic parts do not touch the kitchenware walls - I have an one-eared warrior to remind me of this... :wail

A little example I'm currently working on would be

Note that all the pouches have been cured this way - and the gloves were sculpted on the hands, and hands and gloves were thrown into boiling water.

Hope this helps - as a little token of gratitude for everything I'm learning from you...:O