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03-21-2005, 04:48
So how would one get a body thats not quite 12 inches high? Like about a head or a head and 1/2 shorter than 12 inch? I need a woman body thats shorter than the man figure which is 12 inch. Realistic scale of the characters. But then argh... I'd need the custom body, custom clothes... where will it end? lol.

Any advice?

03-21-2005, 14:24
TheDyingInformant ... Intersting monicker .
Anyway ... Just get some clarity , are you looking for a female body or a smaller male body ?

There are many female bodies on the market .
Here is one source :

As for differing heights with male figures .The Sideshow toys body is the only "true" 12 inch figure on the market .
In decending order , the BBI G3.5 body is the next one down and then Dragons body would be the shortest .
Medicom has just released a new nude body that is super short , but these are quite hard to find and quite pricey .

I hope this helps .

03-21-2005, 14:31
Try find a body called Worthfield Real Guy.It is adjustable to 3 different sizes.I found it fits HT gear wonderfully.And it has 3 different neck posts for a DML,BBi and one other that I am not sure of the head for it.It also has 3 different bendy hands,bare,gloves and mesh gloves,but the hands suck.Do a web search for it and you'll see.

03-21-2005, 16:44
Thanks for the information! Unfortunate that all those girls on that site seem to be sold out except one... :lol

Well here's the clarity:

I'm waiting for my Medicom RAH Snake Eater figure to come. However tall he is, I'm not sure (around 12" right?).

What I want to do is get him a girlfriend/partner. :p A white girl, and she should be shorter than he is, like a head or head 1/2 shorter than him. But should also still be really articulate. I dont suppose those shorter RAH bodies have a female version? But really pricey huh.... That wont do...

Thats cool if theres an adjustable height male body out, I think I seen that on Ebay recently. But I need a shorter girl body.... So, if you can help, that would be great.

Alyasha, I notice all those females there are the Cygirls right? But how tall are they in comparison to Medicom RAH male bodies? I need a shorter but still articulate female, however then clothes might become a problem, but I could always trim them I guess.

03-21-2005, 19:45
TheDyingInformant ... I think you might be looking for these :

03-25-2005, 05:06
Thanks, but I think those heights are about the same? It says 12 inch...

Hmm.... :rolleyes

03-25-2005, 12:08

They are not
Trust me .

Just like Dragon figures called "12 are really only 11 something .
It's a reference term .

03-25-2005, 22:43
Great. Thats perfect cause its already a MGS character. :thumb Thanks!

But that leads me to wonder the exact height of the Medicom RAH bodies...

Gah.... its too bad... Theres this hobby store I visited that has those figures, all four of em. But he only sells it as a set.