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03-09-2005, 03:47
here is a quicky tutorial on painting face camo.

I use Acrylic color for the face painting. must have a brush, some tissue paper, water, Q-tip(cotton sticks), flat color fixer spray(top coat-Mr.Hobby).
I use two brands of Acrylic on the face camo. Liquitex and Andrea color.
I will explain why I use 2 different kind later.

"The key of a good painting is the amount of water use with the color".

First, mix a small amount of Liquitex acrylic (Olive Green) with some water. 40% paint, 60%water. for the green color on the base, you don't want it very opaque(too thick). you want to color to be transparent. so you can see some flesh tone underneath the face paint. apply all over the face, except eye balls and lips. as for neck, go as far down as you wish. Use cotton Q-tip to blend the edges to the unpainted flesh.
let the olive green paint dry for a few minutes. (Remember to clean your brush right after each application). If you forget to wash acrylic off the brush, it will turn into a hard, sharp weapon.
second. take a small amount of Andrea color (Black). Do Not use water on this color. The reason why I use Andrea brand for the black color is because, this black color is not too black, has a little bit gray and green in it. which is perfect for face camo. When you apply this black color for strips, the paint must be dry. The way to do this is, dip your brush in black paint and wipe off most of paints on tissue papar until it has only a little color left on brush. kind of like drybrushing techiques. work slowly to get the strips and shapes of the black color on top of the green. Be creative on the pattens and width of the strips. Each SEAL paints his face differently.
(don't paint the eyeball and the lips.)

When it is dry. spray it with Mr. color (top coat) fixer. Must use the Matt finish, not gloss finish. The fixer will secure the paint. and it also create a little shine. which looks like grease on human face. So don't worry about the little shine, it makes it look more real. When it is dry!! You are done painting.

Not so hard after all right??

Hope that helps. (sample pics below)


03-09-2005, 03:54
Great paint and great tutorial Lo Sai .:thumb

One Shot GD
03-15-2006, 17:06
AFter going to the Echobase Meet on 3-12-06 i felt the urge to try and Weather my figures. I am definitely headed to the nearest hobby shop to pick up some paints. Thanks for posting such a good tutorial. My Nam figs can't wait to get done up.