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02-22-2005, 09:10
help! im making a merc wearing jungle boots and i need some help regarding on ways i can weather them realisticly with acrylics

02-22-2005, 11:18
Don't Use Arcylics... Use Chalk or Pastels... Need some MUD? Either use REAL Mud (ie Water and Dirt apply and let dry)

Or there is some stuff use in TRAIN Dios to create landscapes Looks like Dirt but when you apply water it will harden as it dries and become permanent.

Apply Water on the Boots and Sprinkle the desired amount of "Dirt on the boots and let dry. For more MUCKY MUD... take a Small portion in a cup and add water to a desired Muddy consistency and insert the boots... Remove and Let Dry.

02-22-2005, 11:27
tnx man

Pvt. Ryan HOH
03-05-2005, 15:16
you can mix acrylic paint and sand to get mud as well. havent tried it on boots though...