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02-16-2005, 18:37
Hi gents! I noticed a request for a camo paint tutorial, here's my way of doin it! I like using oils myself, so I'll go with oil paint camo!

This works well with both complete repaints AND stock paint jobs.

Step 1! Grab your choice headsculpt. Dragon, BBi, whatever you fancy. Cover the flesh area of the sculpt in a layer of flesh colored oils.

Usually you may have to mix up some paints to get this pigment or I've seen premade colors for flesh. I use Grumbacher oils. Use Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna, mix bits of that. Then get a dab of white, mix in a tad of your new mix and you should get your fleshy color!

Step 2! Camo color choice! This is really up to you. All I've ever used in the Army is green and black, but if you want green, black, brown, whatever, it's your choice!

I mixed Grumbacher Permanent Green with Yellow Ochre and black to get a decent OD color. Then I go with Mars black for the other color

Step 3! Camo application! All you need is just a touch of color on your brush. This is how the flesh layer comes into play, basically you are pretty close to mixing in the green and black to the base color. Spread the colors thin in whatever pattern you like, I went with the Army standard Infantry camo pattern.

In the photo below you can kinda see how the colors are kinda "rough around the edges" and not perfectly lined up with each other

Step 4! Camo wear and tear! This is the fun part! I used a large, super soft brush and just lightly run over the sculpt. Do each side individually, start from the center of the nose and do single, light strokes down eash side. This starts to thin the colors as well as mixes the colors a bit to give it realism.

After a few times with that (to your satisfaction), put the brush down and grab a rag! Cloth rag, snot rag, it's your choice! I like using a snot rag myself, it's softer and you don't have to clean em!

Ball up your rag and start to dab all over the camo painted area. What this does is removes the camo in high areas, giving that worn camo look. The nose, chin, cheeks, stuff like that will start to become slightly visible as if it was worn off by sweat or whatever. Do this untill you are satisfied!

Step 5! (Optional) If you want a bit more flesh definition, get some of your flesh color and add it into places where the rag wore down to flesh, it works as kind of a highlight

http://www.myphotospace.com/upload/1230/Picture 1491.jpg

Alex is on the left and Hugh is on the right

Hopefully everyone can understand what I mean by all this. I would have done a photo step by step, but I am running short on useable headsculpts!


02-16-2005, 19:29
Another outstanding toot. I like the two extremes, the unblemished "warpaint" camo jobs, and this type, the out in the field a while look. Now we can have it all, Mwuuaahhahahahaaa!!