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02-10-2005, 15:59
Hopefully this will help some first time painters.
Brushes are obviously very important. Donít skimp here I use pretty much Red Sable Brushes.
For large applications such as the base use a #2 flat brush.
For smaller applications go with a 10/0 and a 15/0.
The first picture is the sculpt with factory paint.

The next picture is the same head after being stripped with Acetone. Be sure to follow all precautions while using it.
I like stripping the head fist for two reasons, first it reveals some hidden detail, secondly you donít need to apply a flesh base coat, you can go right over the bare sculpt with your colors.

Next is my basic flesh color laid down. I use Liquitex Acrylics. Mix equal amounts of Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, and a little bit of Cadmium Orange. Add Titanium White until you achieve the desired shade of flesh.

This next picture is the sculpt with the shading applied. I use pastels for this; you can buy them in any craft store. I use the stick type which I grind to a powder with sand paper, and apply them with a small brush. After applying them be sure to seal them with a light dusting of sealer such as Testors Dull Cote.

Next I add some color to the face again with pastels. The trick here is subtlety you donít want to over do it here or it will look like your sculpt is wearing makeup. Be sure to seal it again.

This step is the eyes, Eyes are probably the most difficult step, yet well done eyes will really bring your sculpt to life.
I start by laying down the whites. You donít want to use a pure white here. Real whites have a translucent kind of look I mix in a touch of gray as well as a bit of Raw Sienna.
When your whites are dry you want to start on the irisís. I start by drawing them with a .05 mechanical pencil. This will allow the paint to flow into a nice circle.
Thin the paint by half for whatever color or using for the eyes.
You can also add some tear ducts with some thinned light red paint.
Add some shading to the top of the iris with some dark gray pastel. Seal it again paying close attention to the eyes, but donít over do it.
Finally add some gloss to the eyes, I use Future Floor Finish. A six-dollar bottle will last years.

Last step is the hair. Lay down your base color, when its dry apply a darker wash to flow into the nooks and crannies. When thatís dry, dry brush some highlights, and your finished!

02-10-2005, 16:02
the master makes it look sooooo easy. thanks for the tutorial!

Doktor Von Evil
02-10-2005, 16:02
Wow! Thank you so much!

02-10-2005, 16:23
John-- you are the man!!!!

Thanks so much for this!

02-10-2005, 16:25
So many of us have waited so so long to see the secrets revealed.

Boot25 ya work never ceases to amaze me, even though now I've got a tutorial, well we all have there's no turning back.

This should work extremely well for the Barton's that are on their way to me.

Can't wait to get home from work and crank a head out now.

Cheers again,


02-10-2005, 16:30
Please archive this one! The master giving away his secrets:thumb Did you ever notice how someone really talented in any venture makes it look so easy heres my first attempt at eyes-:wideyes Are bbi heads , stripped , the right color for the base flesh color? thanks Boot

02-10-2005, 16:52
Thank you, thank you for the tutorials.

You're da man, BooT!:thumb

02-10-2005, 17:02
Thank you. This is another example of why I love this board.

02-10-2005, 17:20
Thanks alot!:thumb Really thanks for sharing!:thumb

02-10-2005, 17:34
Thanks, as always for taking the time to show us your techniques Boot!

02-10-2005, 18:58
Thank you very much for taking the time to write this tutorial. I have one quick question regarding the shading with pastels, are you using some "fleshy" colored browns or some other mix of colors?

Thanks in advance.

02-10-2005, 19:01
Shading with pastels, interesting technique, I always thought you used blended notch mate

02-10-2005, 19:16
Here's a pic of the pastels I use.
It's hard to see the color difference in the picture, but #1 is a reddish brown, #2 is a medium brown and #3 is light red.
I use #1 for deep shadows between the lips, around the nostrils etc... #2 is used for the lighter shadows, around the eyes etc... I use the red for the chin and nose. I also use orange very sparingly over the whole face to give some color. I wipe most of it off the brush.

02-10-2005, 19:28
OH yeah I can do that,no problem...


Your work is excellent and you must have alot of patience to do the sweet work you do.

02-10-2005, 19:40
Man! Talk about hidden features! Strip the paint and he looks like Rutger Hauer! :wideyes

Great idea and thanks for the post! Always interested in new paint techniques.

How do you eliminate the brush strokes? Or do you airbrush?

02-10-2005, 19:43
wow thanks for sharing man....

02-10-2005, 20:08
Excellent hints! I'm gonna bookmark this link. Thanks again!

02-10-2005, 20:26
Originally posted by Eagle_MP
Man! Talk about hidden features! Strip the paint and he looks like Rutger Hauer! ...

Glad that I'm either not insane or have a fellow inmate. He does have a great deal ogf Hauer's looks, skillfully hidden by the factory paintjob.

Our gratitude for a great and blessedly simple (except for acquring the talent, LOL) tutorial, Boot.

11-28-2005, 15:34
I TRIED YOUR APPROACH FOR MY FIRST HEAD REPAINT ... damn capslock ... I didn't strip and re base since the head was flat coloured; I was reworking Hot Toy's original Swat head, Keanue from Speed, since it was a bland looking sculpt of of dull eyed looking actor, with a super short crew cut, I figured I could get away with sculpy'ing in bangs, mustache, soulpatch, sideburns and a bit if a mullet, which I dried/baked in front of a space heater. The mustache, beard and 'burns had a sort of Frank Zappaish look, in black to match the existing paint; which I figured if I looked like a clean cut Keanue then this is the looked I'd devise to look tough and rebelious. Anyway he now looks a little Mexican, and your techniques deepened his eyes, coloured his cheeks and generally enhanced the sculpt. Thanks for your clear and helpful tips. I had to get some matte fix to make it permanent; would you believe I had 5 cans of high gloss but no matte, typical. Anyway when I'm done If I'm feeling confident I'll post the results.

Solid Snake
07-15-2006, 18:55
I'm gonna have to try this some day.

12-03-2006, 09:26
What an excellent guide! Time, via this reply, to put it back on the front page where it belongs! To be honest, I'm surprised they haven't stickied it. (Hint hint!)

I'm about to do a James Dean from Rebel Without A Cause and was thinking of utilising some of your techniques. Now I've seen this thread I definitely want to! I'll certainly post Mr Dean when he's finished

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, most generous of you


12-22-2006, 07:26
Where can i get the paints and pastels for this in the UK?

12-22-2006, 17:14
Any good art store should have a full range of paints and pastels. Best place for the good red sable brushes too.

Been quite a few years since I have lived in the UK so cannot think of name of any art store chains out there right now.

Maybe modelers loft has something suitable they sell online as well as from their stores in the UK.

The OSS forum would probably get you some useful response to your search.

OSS Forum (

Modellers Loft (

01-12-2007, 10:59
Very helpful tips with the eyes! I got nothing but poorly-written jokes on another post!

04-27-2012, 13:45
Can we get Boot25 to do another one of these? Photos are all missing.