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06-01-2010, 23:37
Ok, I'm about to embark upon an undertaking I never really thought I would when I joined the world of 1:6 soldiers..... I need to make a doll for my girl based off the book and Broadway show Wicked. I know..we're mainly guys here, and I've neither read the book, nor seen the play. But basically its the Wizard of Oz's Wicked witch of the west when she was younger.

OK, that said....Here's what I need from you guys. I've done moderate customizing when it comes to painting head sculpts. I can pick out the colors, etc. based on what my gf tells me is accurtae for her. the process, or rather, tips and help, if there's anyone out there who could hold my hand through this, as it were...I don't doubt my ability to do it...I just wanna do things better than I have before, and with more durability. So...basically, I'll need help with tips on painting the headsculpt and hands/ hand posts. I'll update with details on the brand and all once it comes in, but i thoguht I'd put some feelers out there..... anyone willing to answer some questions as I have them?

06-01-2010, 23:47
I know there's very broad range of collectors here, but - not being funny - you may also want to try Men With Dolls (http://menwithdolls.yuku.com/).

06-01-2010, 23:57
While I appreciate it, and will probably consult some people on there, too, I mean more along the lines of paint brands and airbrush vs. hand brush. and a protective paint coat. For instance, could I hand paint this face green and the paint will dry evenly? is there a paint brand that's more adhesive to plastics? mure durable? that sorta thing. I can do the handwork and shading on my own, but those parts, the basic technical questions were what I guess I meant. And from my experience, it seems like the guys here know what's what.

06-09-2010, 15:39
There is a Barbie doll for this character. If you can convince her this is satisfactory, it will save you a LOT of work.

If you really are about to paint a face green, I would suggest Testors Model Master Acrylics. They work pretty well for me and stick to plastic fairly well. Painting a face is NOT easy if this is your first time.

- Ivan.

06-09-2010, 15:55
Yeah, I've seen that barbie. And I appreciate the input, I do. Unfortunately, she's been bitten by the bug of finer quality 1/6 figures, too, and I'm repainting A TTL headsculpt. I've done plenty of fine detail work on model kits, and am fairly adept at painting, I was more interested in paint brands/ types because of the composition of the plastics involved and adherence to said plastics. But I've done some testing, and its all come back to what you recommend- model masters acrylics. All the same, I appreciate the input and help! Thanks kindly!

08-25-2013, 19:24
necroposter says: did you paint the figure? i would love to see it as i read the book and saw the play. i know i am a guy but man was it a good read. and the play was fantastic.