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08-10-2004, 06:10
The sudden influx of sewing patterns and information is threating to overload my tiny feeble brain. A big thank you to all for your information in this area. Let's face it some uniforms will just never be made by the big guys because they can't make enough out of them to make it worthwhile. My long time goal has been to try and do a uniform in Ausdesertcam. I tried hand sewing but couldn't get the results I was after. I've resently gotten ahold of an old sewing machine and have been slowly teaching myself to sew. I've also mucked about with the camo pattern (again) [still not quite right] pants got finished tonight and thought I'd see what you guys think.
close up
How did I do on the camo? colours okay? Suggestions?
I did twig to the idea of sewing a thin strip of lead foil ,from the top of a Wild Turkey bottle, into the cargo pocket flaps. This little dodge keeps the flaps edges from curling up and lets me bend them into a perminate shape. I also used A4 sticky backed lables as backing for my cloth when I printed out the camo. This worked very well and I'll use it from now on. Nothing quite as sickening as the sound of your good printer 'eating' a piece of cloth it's printing. I also used a suggestion from the forum to only print the brown and greeys on to a ivory coloured cloth. This was a great idea and worked a treat. Less ink makes the cloth much more flexible and easier to sew.

Anyone got ideas about the proper way to give printed camo a little level of water resistance? The brown colour on my printed camo runs very, very easily and I'd love to make it more stay fast.

Still working on a pattern for the uniform shirt but here is the finished casual shirt for my SEK figure.
If I'd have thought of it in time I'd have sewn a bit of lead foil into the collar to stop the "Flying Nun" like gull like appearance, sigh each time I make another one I do I learn a bit more.

Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think about the camo.


Nick Fury 2002
08-10-2004, 06:28
Dan the DesAUSCAM pants suck !!!!! Send me 3 pair right away with 3 mathing shirts. Hahahahaha ! They look great buddy keep it up.
As for tips on setting the ink on the fabric check these pages out.
HP printable fabric guide (http://http://h71036.www7.hp.com/hho/cache/313-0-0-225-121.aspx)
Printing tips (http://h30039.www3.hp.com/quilting/faq/index.asp#pof1)
fixative for printable fabric (http://www.cjenkinscompany.com/bjs2000.htm)

Hope this helps buddy and yeah you can still send 3 or so unis my way.

08-10-2004, 06:54
Anyone got ideas about the proper way to give printed camo a little level of water resistance? The brown colour on my printed camo runs very, very easily and I'd love to make it more stay fast.

There's a product called Bubble Jet Set 2000 that will set printer inks on fabric. Here's a FAQ from a web site I googled:

Bubble Jet Set 2000 FAQ (http://softexpressions.com/help/faq/FAQbjs.htm)

I've never used the product, but this is the stuff you're looking for. You do great work, Dan. I mostly just lurk here, but your work always catches my eye.

08-10-2004, 07:35
Look's Great.

Did you use RainbowAvenue's tutorial for the pattern? Just curious, because I really like how your pants look and I was thinking about trying to use his pattern.


08-10-2004, 08:13
Thanks for the information on Bubble jet set 2000. Will have to see if I can get it here in Oz. And give it a try. I've been considering using a spray on weatherproofing material I have used on my canvas runners(shoes) to see how that works.

Mike I used a pattern I got from Lysanders site. I've added bits and trimed it a bit but esentualy it's the same as RainbowAvenue's pattern. Plus I had a good look at the BBI Aussie camo pants as a guide for the knee reinforcements and cargo pockets. I did go to the hassle of puting in a proper fly and those blinking belt loops which will end up invisible under the uniform shirt. Use RA pattern and you won't go wrong. Oh, and do yourself a favour and get some Fray Check and use it sparingly on all the cut edges. Makes for a very nice finish. Another dodge I use is a small glue stick to lightly glue the folded hems before sewing.


Oh and at the rate I can sew those three pair pants will be finished in early 2007 if I get to them straight away and stay hard at it.

08-10-2004, 09:09
The pants look awsome, where did you get the cam pattern and colours from ??

08-10-2004, 11:07
Dan, sometimes with photos it's hard to tell. They look great, but to be sure, send me two complete suits for *koff*....er..evaluation.

Truely nice work, very inspiring to the rest of us.


08-10-2004, 11:13
Yup. Gotta agree with guys, you'll need to send a bolt of pants for the OSW quality control inspectors(tm) for further study :p :lol
Seriously, my qyestion is how did you make the belt loops? Mine suck and I'm embarassed by them.

08-10-2004, 11:29
Looks great, Dan!
Thanks for sharing!

08-10-2004, 14:56
Dan you are the MAN !
Only in my wildest dreams , could I iwsh to have the patience and steady sewing hand you do . Exceptional sewing/craftsmanship my friend .
Inspirational at the least . Like a 1/6 epiphany . I can see it all now ....Thank you Dan . I am saved . Haleluja !

BTW...If nothing else works ...Try giving the pants a few "dustings" of MATTE clearcoat to set the brown ink .

08-10-2004, 16:31
Kool Aussie BDU pants.....!!

08-10-2004, 16:47
Great job on the pants and the shirt too!

Did you use number6's shirt pattern?

08-10-2004, 16:49
Well, Dan with the cool tan makes history again on OSW. Dude, photos can be deceiving. I suggest you send them to Ol' QF for a closer inspection.


08-10-2004, 16:54
Awesome work!:thumb :thumb :jawdrop

08-10-2004, 20:25
Kick ASS! The Camo looks like the first eddition stuff (Afghanistan).
Also, and your going to hate me for this, the desert Auscam has US style "bloused" cargo pockets.
As for the craftsmanship, thats a hell of a lot better than anything I could ever hope to do! :thumb

08-11-2004, 05:00
they have to be the best desert auscams i have ever seen!!!!!!!
oh and like the rest of the guys Ill need around 10 or so pairs for closer inspection!

08-11-2004, 05:01
Great work SD the BDU's look great keep em coming buddie

08-11-2004, 06:18
Wow, Thanks guys for all the kind remarks. Let's see that's about a dozen pair of pants to make.....

Rodroll- patern is my own but I'm looking at giving it another tweek or two.

basx- I worked on a tuitorial for the loops hope it helps

Aly- (blushing) Such praise from one whose work is exceptional is inspirational. This grasshopper will continue to train.

RainbowAvenue - Yep, the pattern is Numbrsix's more or less with bits of Lysanders as well. Gee, I like to fiddle with things.:bag

Those cargo pockets took ages to figure out how to make. Now that I look at my photos your right I need to do the other kind. Thanks for the heads upů..I think, no really, thanks sometimes I get to close to a project to see the details.

Again thanks to all who had a look..


08-11-2004, 06:33
Well, looks like you got youreslf a really winner there. How do you find the time? A Hummer project and now clothes. You are a true inspiration to us all.

08-12-2004, 00:36
I want some....:thumb

08-12-2004, 04:09
They both look great. The craftsmanship is excellent. BTW, thanks for your belt loop tutorial. Tonight I tried some of the ideas you mentioned and they worked very well. Your sharing is much appreciated.

12-18-2004, 09:50
Hey, how about some double sided sticky tape on the collars to keep them from flying? That's what I use...