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10-18-2004, 19:42

Have not posted in a while, just needed some advice on two things.

I am using pastels to weather some bbi rubber boots I have, the ones from Marine Allen (modern brit). The pastel weathering is looking great but is not permanent by itself, what would you spray on them at this stage to seal the pastel application?


Would like to sculpt a fairly medium thick beard on a Chuck Hayes headsculpt for permanency (obviously) and to paint as well. What is the best material for this?


LongRange, out.

10-18-2004, 19:59
Longrange -

Cant help with the pastels .

But as for the beard ...

Try Super sculpey ll ,

POP off the head , sculpt the beard , blend it as close to the face as possible . Then ...

BE WARNED!!! you must be carefull .

put the finished head in a oven ( a toster oven is better . bake it on 350 degrees and keep you eyes on the head . leave it in for about 6-8 mins.
( make sure the head doesnt melt , if your worried try a lower temp ) .

or use a blow dryer to harden it up a bit . ( you can sand it and paint with acrylics when done .)

Once you Sculpey turns a little reddish brown you should tak it out .
try it for only 2 or three mins , take it out wait a few minutes and see how hard it turns . ( you cant do this to try hair ... cause it will get damaged if you scuplt hair on the head and try to put a helmet on .


10-18-2004, 20:04
Longrange -

WAIT !!!. .. take it out before it turns reddish color , whew!

sorry , I hit send before I could review the message .

the head and sculpey shouldnt cange color , you just gotta keep making a check every 2 or 3 mins , take it out if its warm or hot , ... leave it out let it cool and see how hard it turns .

try a test on a crap head , just to get a feel for it .

10-18-2004, 20:08
Thanks lowlight

what about testor's white putty? Type for sealing gaps in models. I guess will probably have to scrape some paint off the face for it to bond... and will be permanent.

Opinions here?

10-18-2004, 20:37
As for spraying to make sure you pastels stay put, there's not a good solution for this one. I assume the pastels will react a lot like subtle paint transitions, so some of the really nicely crafted bits are going to be lost with a spray. I suggest (as always) two coats of Testors Gloss-Cote, and one of Dull-Cote (same brand).

Apply the spray as finely as possible, so feel free to use a couple more coats (3-4 instead of 1-2), but spray it from a distance. Drape everyhting, because this method does result in more overspray than usual. Use a bright light in your workspace to look at where you're spraying and look for the 'wet look' where you've sprayed. Let it DRY THOROUGHLY between GC and the application of the DC. I coat of DC should give the proper effect.

steven Yee83
10-18-2004, 21:49
Use epoxy putty for the beard, there is no nead to put it in the oven, dries hard in 24hrs and is very strong. You should be able to get a small pack at Home Depot, or if you want more your local hobby shop should have "Milliput (silver grey)", same sutff, bigger package.

here is a link to a beard I made with the putty.

10-19-2004, 12:39
Ditto the Milliput. Since finding that, I don't use sculpy anymore. No harding/baking/damn it's melting issues. Only draw back is that it's pricier. One thing though. Make sure you mix the two parts really well. Made a mistake rushing a project and ended up with a soft section that I had to carve back out and redo. Milliput comes in a variety of "textures" fine to more course. The colors are dependent on the fineness. I have used the white, which I think is the finest.

10-20-2004, 17:17
Hey Guys

I do appreciate the replies. The Milliput... is this an "epoxy" putty? Since you could get it at Home Depot I am assuming you'd locate it in the same place as Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty... which I wonder if could be used as well. However if the Rock Hard Putty shrinks at all then it probably is not a good choice...

howlin mad murdock
10-26-2004, 11:59
you should look for low temp sculpey . it hardens at 150 degrees.