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Mickey Moon
08-17-2004, 15:53
Here is an easy way to make a pistol lanyard.

Items you will need for the "Really Quick" method.

1. DML radio with handset.
2. Leg strap from DML Pistol Holster
3. Plastic oval slider (webbing from #2 must fit thru)
4. Heat-Shrink Tubing Radio Shack #278-1627b)
5. Blow Dryer or Heat Gun
6. Pistol w/eye molded in
7. Fabric Glue

The procedure is as follows:

1. Cut the webbing from the leg strap in half leaving each half with a part of the buckle on each half.
2. Take one half with the buckle prong and loop the cut end over and glue. Keep the glue to a minimum. This will make the end that will slide over the belt so check the size before you glue it together. Set this part aside.
3. Slide the oval onto the webbing of the second piece of the webbing. Loop the webbing over the slider and glue. This loop can be smaller than the first.
4. Snip the handset and radio and keep the center length of wire.
5. Cut two pieces of the 1/16 diameter shrink tubing about 1/8" long.
6. Slide the shrink tubing over the ends of the radio wire.
7. Loop the wire thru the hole in the pistol stock and into the shrink tubing.
8. Loop the other end of the wire thru the oval slider from the assembly in step 3 and into the shrink tubing.
9. Use the blow dryer or heat gun to yield the shrink tubing.
10. Slide assembly from #2 on your figure's belt.
11. Holster your sidearm and clip the buckle.
12. Enjoy

Attached is a picture of the finished product.

Mickey Moon
08-17-2004, 15:55
Here is the picture.

08-17-2004, 19:51
wow thanks for the tutorial. the finished product looks great.

08-17-2004, 22:43
that is awesome, thanks!!!!!

08-17-2004, 23:00
that is awesome, thanks!!!!!