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08-09-2004, 15:37
Hi all:
Here's my generic assulat vest:

Here's a quick translation: esquerre= left
dret= right.
The back I wrote mall=mesh but the back doesn' have to be in that material.
Here are some steps:
1) trace the pattern on your favourite camo pattern or solid colour. Tarce the pattern on the opposite (i.e. white/no colour side)
2) cut the forms
3) for the back you can use mesh. If you do best to scotch tape it and use scissors to cut out the pattern. Then use grosgrain ribbon in the appropriate colour. 6-9 mm width are ideal
4) You can then add pouches or elastics. If you make your own pouches, I suggest you iron one sided batting, the material gives it the requiste stifness and the fabric won't turn into goo if you glue

08-09-2004, 21:10
cool! Thanks for the pattern. Can you take a picture of the finished vest?

08-09-2004, 21:46
Sure. This pattern will serve as the model for my contemporary Canadian load carrying vest :)
I have to take photos of the boonie hat patterns

08-09-2004, 21:48
Oh so cool xavier, you guys are filling up the Customs archive!