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08-09-2004, 11:38
This is my simple general purpose pants pattern; it can be adapted to many uses. Pants are a relatively easy sewing project, and good for beginning tailors to try. Making this pair requires cutting just four pieces.

1. Sew backs together at the butt.

2. Sew front to back at the side seam. Repeat on other side.

3. Iron & hem cuffs & waistband.

4. Starting at bottom, sew one leg together. Repeat for other leg.

5. Sew front inseam together, stopping at fly.

6. Turn pants outside out.

7. Iron & hem fly on left side. (Just leave the right side unfinished to under lap.)

8. Sew on a snap, or velcro, at waist band.

Once you get the hang of it, try adding knee patches, cargo pockets, back pockets, a separate waistband, or belt loops. Try making knee breeches, riding breeches, shorts, or blue jeans.

08-09-2004, 11:45
Thanks once again for sharing your techniques, so generous! Into the archives she goes!


02-12-2006, 21:01
hm, any more reference pics for this? That'd be great, tahnks

02-23-2006, 20:10
this picture shows how to sew a fly, with reenforcement so it won't unravel.

02-23-2006, 20:13
here is how i add the waistband and belt loops. i use 1/8 inch ribbbn for the loops, much easier than making them from fabric.

02-23-2006, 20:16
here is my revised pattern for pants. It is updated with waistband, belt loops, and pockets. [the original was also extremely baggy] this is reduced 50% so you should prilnt out at 200% for the right size.

02-23-2006, 20:18
Nice pants! Not a bad tie either by the way!

02-23-2006, 20:25
other revisions to the original pattern:

step 3. the waistband. fold the waistband over and iron. fold over again and iron. now wedge the top of the pants into the waistband and top stitch together. see illustration above.

step 3a. sew the fly. see illustration above. proceed on to step 4, and skip step 5.

02-24-2006, 04:04

Sir Eaton Flipflop
02-27-2007, 08:31
GREAT tutorial. I needed a pattern for 70's era pants ( those wierd Levi poly jeans that came in dress pant colors ) Bizarre description, but they are for my Dawn of the Dead bash. This tutorial is 100 times better that what I ended up using. I right clicked you patterns RA - hope you dont mind:)