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07-24-2004, 03:35
As the title says spent Friday night cleaning the Humvee. (Yes, I lead a boring existance and just how does cat hair get into a locked display case?)

Been working on a few bits to put into the back of the beast.
Water bottle boxes have been on the to do list for ages. I found a company that makes 1/35th scale ones and scanned and enlarged the image. I had to play around with cleaning it up and adjusting the colour but they look just okay at arms length. I'm afraid that's the best I can do.

The .50 cal ammo can is a resin copy I made of the Dragon one. Writing is a copy of one posted by Butch. Had to change the colour a bit to better match the paint I was using. I'd love to have some decals of this writing with just the yellow writing on a clear background but that is beyond my abilities.
I tried to make the little metal plate and wire thing on the end but in the end gave up as it was too much work for very little effect. (Besides my lame attempt looked crap.) Paint is Tamiya NATO green with weathering in oils and acrylics.

These two items bring up an interesting moral question. I copied the water bottle boxes. And while I did considerable work to get them to print out I didn't create them the same with the ammo can writing by Butch. This is most probably copywrite infringment. The same with the ammo can. I made a mold of the Dragon one and made a straight copy. I'm not about to sell these as that would be just plain wrong. But it did bring home to me just how easy it is to miss approprate someone elses work as your own. If I've every inadvertantly done that in the past I sincerally appologise. I will in future be very aware of the fact that our community is a very open and giving one. It is an joy and privilage to belong to a group of indiviguals who are so forthcoming with aid, advise and assistance...



Ah, could somebody please help me get my high horse down off this soapbox?:bag :)

Pvt. Ryan HOH
07-24-2004, 04:00
Hey, you know you can buy Water slide decal paper. If you put the yellow writing on it, then printed it, then sealed it, you could put that on and it would look great.

By the way, nice copy of the dml ammo can.

07-24-2004, 04:32

I made up an ammo can decal sheet a while back. It has labels for .50 cal, 7.62, 5.56 linked, 5.56 mags and 40mm. I made these in photoshop to be printed on water slide decals. I found that when I printed on the clear water slide paper, the yellow wasn't very clear, which is why I went with the green background. I uploaded a version with green and one with white background, though. At the bottom is a pic of one of them on an ammo box.

I'm not sure how well the pics I uploaded will work, but if anyone is interested, you can pm me and I can email you high res .jpg (331 KB) or the origianl photoshop doc (1.5 MB).