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Nick Fury 2002
05-31-2004, 19:05
OK Gents I finally got around to completing this nice little weapon. It only took 2 weeks of procrastination from start to finish to do it but here it is. I am for the first time including some in progress pics just so you can see it coming together.
I used only 2 pieces of pre-made weapons for this bash, and the rest is all custom using sheet and tube styrene. I still need to fix some minor problems on this custom such as add a strap to the ammo box but she is done for now .. Hope you all like it.
I decided to not use the BAR handle and custom made a more correct one

and now the finished product
and yes gents the bipod folds as well just pure EVIL I know..


05-31-2004, 19:12
Sweet jebus! thats awesome!

05-31-2004, 19:12
Wow! That is awesome. Great job. Looks like a real effort went into that custom. The wood finish is perfect.

05-31-2004, 19:24
Lee , I have allways been a fan of you work , but this has to be my favorite one to date . Just beautiful man .:thumb

05-31-2004, 19:34
You're one sick genius! We're gona have to ban you 'cause you make the rest of us look bad :lol :thumb
OK questions questions:
Which weapons did you use?
How did you make the bipods foldable?
How did you make the carrying handles.

Excellent, excellent work!


05-31-2004, 20:14
That is beautiful!:thumb

05-31-2004, 20:20
With one bashup, you kick the competition into the corner, LOL. That's one slow-read post, have to take in every little detail. You shame the big manufacturers, the cold-hearted basrads!

05-31-2004, 21:10
excellent !!!!:thumb

Nick Fury 2002
05-31-2004, 21:33
Thanks everyone. Glad everyone likes this weapon..

Aly, a fan of my work huh. Hell buddy I can't even compare to your sickness so that comment is truly heartfelt.

weapons used funny you should ask because they were all leftover bits chopped from other projects .......
TUS - ak pistol grip, gas port (?) and front sight, BAR reciever chooped to accomodate chopped SAW feed mechanism
Stock is a clothes hanger bent to shape and then plumbers putty used to shape out
rest is all styrene.
Bipod is styrene rod trimmed to shape and then a small drill hole through the top and cut paperclip inserted for pin with the bipod base being strip styrene folded and glued over gas port and then drilled to accept paperclip/ pin. The pins were then bent down to hold in place and allow movement.
carry handle is strip styrene joined together and then filed into shape.

PD, Shame the big dogs huh Hell I just wish we could all inspire them to all make the stuff we want instead of the 1000th German or 200th SEAL.

Thanks again everyone

05-31-2004, 21:57
nick, could you make me one? i want to do a Spetsnaz ALpha bash in cechnya that i saw and thatd just about TOP IT! plmk man that just plain rocks!

05-31-2004, 23:13

06-01-2004, 02:38
Fantastic work. I am feel both in awe and personally inadequate.

steel bonnet
06-01-2004, 07:26
WOW Lee,

Outstanding mate & some before & after shots too :D

Well done mate,well done :D

Steel Bonnet

Semper Fi
06-01-2004, 10:45
Thats Awesome guy! You did a great job! I could really use one 'o them for my bosnian serbs. KEEP IT UP!!!!

Semper Fi
07-06-2004, 15:56
Dude, I could really, really, really, really use one of them for my Chechen war bashes, as well as:
-Several more SVD's
-AK-74w/grenade Launcher