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05-25-2004, 23:07
This Board seems a lot better than the Ezboard communities I'm used to.

Q -- Is the software that powers the Board a free download or by subscription ? Tnx

Ronin Six
05-25-2004, 23:24

The software that powers this particular forum is VBulletin. It costs about $150 (or more) for a single owned installation on a server.

There is however a free alternative which is PHPBB, having many of the same features as VBulletin. Check out PHPBB here:

Other 1:6 sites that user PHPBB:

UK 1/6 Collectors Club

OSCF (japan)

Hope that helps!

05-28-2004, 06:51
Tnx Ronin.

My self and some other Aliens fanciers are thinking to start up a forum. The first example of the kind of Board we'd like to run is OSW.

Q - How much hosting storage space does a board this size require ??

Ronin Six
05-28-2004, 12:46
In the past we were able to host this website with only 1GB of space and 50GB bandwidth for a relatively inexpensive price. However, with only 1GB of space we weren't able to host the Gallery and had to encourage people to host their own images offsite instead of attaching the image in the forum. Right now we have about 20-30GB of space and tons of bandwidth.

If the forum you want to open is about 1:6 action figures, we can host you in your own separate forum for free in our Hosted Forums section. Just let me know if you're interested.

05-28-2004, 23:23
I appreciate that Ronin. I will pass that on to my buddy who makes the AF's.

I am seriously thinking to acquire this same software, as I like very much the feature of receiving an email when someone replies to a thread/post -- a feature that is very conducive in creating interests.

Perhaps I can get some insights once we move closer to making our concept for the Aliens genre happen ?


06-02-2004, 23:08
One tech. question: Must a forum software tie into a backend database server in order to store threads ?? In other words -- are you guys using a database now ?? Tnx

Ronin Six
06-02-2004, 23:26
Yes. Both VBulletin and PHPBB use a mysql database running the back end. You don't really need to know much about mysql but it helps at least to know what it does. All that's required is that your host be able to run mysql. Your forum software installation will do the hard part. Once it's installed, all you have to do is familarize yourself with the forum software and that's it.

06-02-2004, 23:31
Roger that Ronin. Good info.

06-09-2004, 05:39
Q- Sponsors & Advertisers -- I'm curious in a forum like OSW: how do advertisers & sponsors work together with the Board in terms of ad space around the website, links etc. I know the Sixth division takes percentage from transaction generated by the Board. Similar ?? Flat fees ?? Thanks again -- this pertains to the how-to side on the 1:1 Board we are thinking about. Cheers!

Ronin Six
06-09-2004, 16:54
Good question!

Different ways to do it:
- flat fee
- pay per click
- pay per impression (amount of tiimes it gets displayed)

OSW uses a combination of those methods, but the easiest is a flat fee for a certain amount of time.

Regarding ad space, that's all up to the site owners. I usually have small banners running down one side with full size banners up top and sometimes on bottom. Most small ads are 120x60 or 120x300, and full size banners usually run 468x60. Chances are, if your sponsors have run ads elsewhere, they'll usually have ad banners already made in those standard sizes.

Here's a link on standard ad banner sizes: I tend to favor 468 and 120 widths (as they fit nicely on the top and sides, respectively).

06-15-2004, 00:40
Ronin -- if I may pose a bold question without specifics (or with depending on Board policy/sensitivity) -- for a forum of OSW's size -- the hosting expense can be how much per month ??

High in my idea would be close to $500 per month.

High/Medium/Low ??


Ronin Six
06-17-2004, 03:09
I'd say more like medium. If we didn't allow attachments and didn't have the gallery (requiring any pics to be hosted off site), we could probably host the site for less than $10/month.

Check your PMs:

06-17-2004, 12:25
Thanks Ronin 6. I must say you've totally brought me up to speed on the concept of forums and tech. side. My guys are pretty excited and OSW continues to serve as an fine example of the way we like to have our Aliens 1:1 forum.

One last -- what went behind the decision of going with VBulletin at 150 dollars when the competition can be downloaded free. Features-wise they looked to be the same ?? Tnx

Ronin Six
06-17-2004, 13:40
At the time I was looking around for forum software, vbulletin had a more robust set of features. Even now they continue to support the software really well, and I just feel more secure using their software for some reason. Plus, it integrates well with other software I like to use.

When you first start out, you can try a small hosting plan and run phpbb (heck, we ran on ezboard for years, and even today many successful communities still use it). That way you're not making a big initial investment. It's good if you're not entirely sure how much traffic you'll be getting on the site. You don't want to get a huge site with lots of time and money invested, then find out that you don't need that much. If your community grows too large for what you start with, you can always upgrade. The OSW started small. We've only recently had the gallery software, after we noticed that the community was large enough to need it.

06-19-2004, 01:34
Another Q -- the border area around VBulletin can also be achived with the free versions ? Rather dumb Q., but concerned that you can't have the flash links/ads with the free versions except for on top or bottom. ;^\

Ronin Six
06-23-2004, 23:20
You can set up either one (vbulletin: $160, or phpbb: free) any way you like.

For the OSW I put a header and footer that matches the rest of the site (including pages not running vbulletin) for consistency. The columns on either side are put there to hold other info like sponsors, additional navigation, etc.

The basic forum software basically looks like either of these:

A VBulletin forum enhanced with a free portal script can make it look something like this:

07-18-2004, 09:21
Callin Ronin:

Q -- Let's say that a Forum wants all 'new' registering members to be introduced by a current member (assuming there are some permanent existing members e.g. the admin. types). So, as part of the registering, an applicant must provide an existing member name prior to receiving approval.

For this to happen in Vbulletin -- there needs to be some custom coding, probably in MySQL.

How much coding/customizing would something like this involve ??

Or is this too hard to automate and will have to be handled manually (I hope not, as a Forum grows -- this will be admin hell).


Crazy Chocobo
07-18-2004, 13:56
Isn't there a "referral" hack for the registration form? The registering member will need to type in a valid member name into the "referral" box. In addition, you should require an administrator to approve all membership requests manually to check the referrals.

Ronin Six
07-18-2004, 16:12
Actually, the latest version of vbulletin (and even vb2 for that matter) already has a Referral System built in. We don't currently have that turned on for this board, but it's an option if we wanted it later down the road. With that option, new members may choose from a pull-down menu of existing members when they want to specify who referred them to the forum.

You can use the Referral System in combination with the option to moderate new members by manually approving each new registation.

I haven't checked to see if phpbb has that type of functionality.