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steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 14:30
Hey Oh all,

Well l`ve cleared up the weapons for someone :D
he has them & he`s OVERJOYED!! Or so he tells me at least.

Anyway here`s a few photos of the one`s l did for myself.

Custom L1A1 SLR, First off.......

The Custom one`s are reworks of Palitoy Action Man L1A1 SLRs.

I`ve also included a few shots of the original Palitoy Action man SLR.That`s the one in WHITE (Same type as the one l`ve sent you Ed ;) Look forward to your custom work with it ;) ).



Last one as you can see is with a Custom Sterling :D

Steel Bonnet

steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 14:34
Reworking of a Palitoy Sterling SMG into this folded stock version :D


Those with Good observation skills will have noticed l used MP5 mags for the Sterling SMG. They had the curve,just needed slight altering to fit.Though they are now FIXED to the weapon.

CUSTOM BREN, LSW(Modern version).....

Rework of a Palitoy bren LSW.New front Barrel,LSW bipod & paint job.


Well hope you enjoy :D

Steel Bonnet

05-15-2004, 14:41
Awesome work, I've always wanted to custom a Bren LSW but just have one and you know, scared of wasting it ;-))

Good work again
Best Regards

One Bravo Four
05-15-2004, 14:43

Those would come in handy for a Falklands bash.

steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 14:50
Cheer`s Guys :D

l have in progress a bash of my father,though l`m doing another SLR conversion for that,it was Wood furniture when he was in, on the SLRs.

As for Falklands,well maybe If l make the webbing or it does come as a seperate set. If not they will just be added to my Armoury.

Steel Bonnet

05-15-2004, 14:58
Nice work Ja. Cracking bit of work.

05-15-2004, 15:49
I am crying the blues, those are really fine, Ja. A great example of making due, and better!

steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 16:11
Cheers`s Govy ;)

PD your totally right mate about working with what`s out there or even from scratch.
As l know there`s a new SLR coming out (Possibly) from the UK 1/6th club.
Took the re-work option.....lol

Steel Bonnet

05-15-2004, 16:12
Steel bonnet:
Amazing work! :thumb. Gosh darn I blame the 1/6th companies! We're stuck admiring some of the most creative kitbashing and weapon modifications here in this forum thanks to the major manufactuers laziness!!!! :lol :p :cheers

05-15-2004, 17:07

steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 19:12
Cheer`s guys & Basx, Your so right about some of the talented Weaponsmiths OSW has on board :D

Do we really want the big companies to take them away from us???

Hell yea l hear being said,then l`ll have those weapons THEY ALL make in MY collection.......LOL

Well each persons weapons rework/custom gives the next person Great insperation :D

Steel Bonnet

05-15-2004, 19:24
Me Like.

Me like a lot.

Quoting the imortal Butch,

"You Suck"



05-15-2004, 20:00
Wow nice custom work. Bren looks exceptional.

05-15-2004, 20:06
Sweet work, Ja... especially love the bren.

steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 20:40
Aww Cheer`s guys :D

Dan think Butch has that copywrite you know ;)
Same as Aly has "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick" copywrited now.....LOL

Seriously though,thank`s for the Kind words guys :D

Steel Bonnet

05-15-2004, 20:57

Great work Ja !
Some serioulsy fine customwork you have there .

BTW... Been thinking for a new Ja/SB™ specificaly for you since seeing your photos on Ali's "Don't be shy " thread .


steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 21:04
Rayyyyyy Aly.
You back Statesside mate? Or still enjoying the life in HK/S.E.Asia???

WOW A berzerrrrker.. Ohhhhhh l`d like to see that :D & moreso Inspire me to do a Sword Wielding Maniac :D
Already started amassing Bits for the job ;)

Most of my friends (Moreso re-enactment) would say your LOTRs Urikka is a Good likeness actually.......LOL

Thank`s for the comments mate :D

Steel Bonnet

Nick Fury 2002
05-15-2004, 21:16
Great work ja. I have been planning some of that as well with the 5-6 I have laying around. Keep it up buddy

steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 21:23
Cheer`s Lee :D
keep it up eh,l`m taking your 1/6th Armoury Crown off you mate..........LOL
LOL yea right!!!

Steel Bonnet

K Sosse
05-15-2004, 21:46
Most Wicked and Outstanding! and you are very correct with your statement, "Endless Possibilitys", Now you've got the old brain pan banging, I can't wait for it to arrive. Now with your Sterling all posted up, I've got to dig through my early years collection to find my stock pile of those that have been sitting for about twenty five years. LOL. I never throw anything away:grinroll

steel bonnet
05-15-2004, 22:02
NP mate with the SLR ;) Glad to help & look forward to see how your`s turns out :D

Steel Bonnet

03-21-2005, 11:19
The British sure get cool looking hardware. Hey, i've got a 12" Cobra Commander that comes with one of those weapons. ARE THEY IMPLYING THAT THE BRITISH ARE EVIL? :lol