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steel bonnet
03-14-2004, 13:38
Hi Ho Again guys :D

Well similar approach to the L85A2-UGL,this time the carbine.
Again a work in progress post.So more to follow on this guys :D

Oh as far as the Carbine is concerned,it was built some time ago,as a member of the L85 family. Though was never used.
Intended users to be SpecOps,Armoured Crews & Helo Crews.

Well earlier this year/late last year,they were brought/Bringing them into service. Or the MoD are indeed looking into them again.

First off the materials needed.

2 Plasticard

Here`s the first photo of what`s needed.Also l`ve laid the parts out on top of a picture of the actual CARBINE.

Next is with the Barrel secured to the Weapon

Well there you go so far.

Steel Bonnet

One Bravo Four
03-14-2004, 19:05

Funny looking little thing isn't it.

steel bonnet
03-15-2004, 03:37
That it is John...lol

Though it`ll be good for close quarters & enclosed areas.

Steel Bonnet

steel bonnet
03-15-2004, 15:43
Well here`s some more of the "HOW TO" process.

Here l have used the Milliput to built out the fore-end & also act as a strengthener to the barrel.

Next we have the LSW fore-end (Below).We need to cut the front section off for the Carbine (Above).

Next some Plasticard,measure from the fore-end (milliput) to end of Muzzel. Then attach it,may need to thin the plasticard & insert into the LSW Fore-end you`ve now attached to the Carbine.

The LSW Rear grip handle,will now act as the Carbine Forehandle.

Here it is so far.........

& the reason it`s NOT done yet,is due to...........Making 4 at the same time :D

Well l hope this has a few people interested??

Steel Bonnet

03-15-2004, 15:54
"Well l hope this has a few people interested??"

Ja, Ja! Definitely must do this. Lovely work there.