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steel bonnet
03-14-2004, 13:31
Hi All,

Well l`ve done several of these in the past & am currently doing some more.
So l though may as well try out a "Work in progress" photo lot.
I will be adding to it,with other shots.

To start with here`s the END Result (of some l did last year).

Now here`s the current one l`m working on.........

ITEMs NEDDED:- Rear end of a SA80 or LSW.Here l`ve gone for the DML LSW (have too many of
Also the Full length fore-end/Grenade launcher & flip sight of the HASBRO Weapon tech G36. Also a 2 part epoxy Modelling clay & a metal Rod.

Next you secure the Steel Rod to the rear Weapon.Then mix the 2 part epoxy clay to get the modelling clay ready for the next stage.

Next you Secure the rod to the fore-end section.Then with the Clay. Fill the hollow fore-end up & use the rear weapon to guid you on the weapon lines.As too use the fore-end to guid you on following the lines.

Well that`s it for now,though here`s a shot of the weapon so far & a PHOTO of the L85A2-UGL in use.Just so you can see the comparrioson :D

Steel Bonnet