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One Bravo Four
02-28-2004, 16:34
I'm getting really interested in my Royal Marines, and as such, they've been getting more upgraded equipment.

The basic equipment of the of the British Soldier is still the PLCE 95 (Personal Load Carrying Equipment, Pattern '95)

Last night, I decided to upgrade the bbi Mne Allen Web gear.

Here's how I did it.

1) Remove the the pouches from the Webbing

2) Slide a DML cloth "utility" pouch (Aaron/Evan/Mel) on either side of the belt.

3) Thread a third "utility" pouch on to the straps in the middle of the belt where it meets the Yoke.

4) Slide a DML Bayonet "Frog" onto the belt (left or right side).

5) Re-attach the original bbi cloth magazine pouches to the belt.

6) re-attach the belt ends to the belt

7) cut off the top "straps) of the utility pouches so they become "canteen" pouches.

This is what it should look like.