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01-18-2004, 21:15
If you have photoshop useing that covering up some stuff after bashing will make your model look more realistic. Im gonna show you a short, fast simple way of doing this.

You need
* A picture of your model on HD
* Photoshop

First of all find out what areas need to be covered, like places with extreme highlights makeing the plastic look or the joints when its not hidden by long sleeved jacket.

Now that you have found your area(s) zoom in on that area, make sure you can see the full area from top to bottom left to right so you have more controll. Then choose the "Clone" tool from the left panel.



Now remember than when that is selected you can adjust brush size as you would have with normal paint. So adjust it to your area, now press and hold the "Alt" key, you will get a aim like icon instead of your mouse pointer. This will be the part that is cloned over into the highlight, so choose the skin colour that isnt highlighted closest to the highlight edge and press the "Right Mouse Button"

Now go over the edge of the higlight and start brushing the clone material out. You will see that the aim will follow your clone brush when you press the Right Mouse Button. Just remove the highlight with your brush until its gone.

You might fail once or twice messing things up but just do it over and over until you get it right, Practise makes master.

This might be a satisfying end ressult

NOTE: When doing this on joints start over the join and not from the bottom.

GOOD LUCK and HAPPY photoshoping.

Thanks to Porkins for his CIA model that was used to create this tutorial.

Crazy Chocobo
01-18-2004, 21:39
Thanks for the tutorial. I don't know, the plastic and joints always make me feel, "Yeah, they're still toys. It's possible to do something like that".

01-18-2004, 22:18
LOL You really got me! I am not trying to give you a hard time, NOT at all. I really like your technique a LOT. I think that I will try this technique as soon as possible and I am sure that it will work really well. Thanks for sharing it with us.

When I saw the Thread title, I was hoping that you had found some way of filling in the joints on the arms and legs of figures, thus covering them up on the figures themselves.


01-19-2004, 02:25
There you go :) I'm sure this will be a very useful tool for those who would really hate to see those exposed joints. Thank you for sharing your knowledge :thumb