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09-06-2002, 20:25
I'm sure this was discussed on the old forum.

But I just got my HALO set, and I'm frustrated.

Anyone know of a site that shows how to put the darn thing together?

09-06-2002, 22:25
I'm guessing you are talking about the HT HALO? if so I got some pics I saved courtesy of BravoTwoZero that may help. NidHR3/72ba3c220a81df4bffd4acefbfc0d1bc/clbk=HcZNnT9kkUj1Ebj7Xz9btUbhJAEL32BtvQk8utyErBmh5 9XekPPq2fkXr1ZW0OeJaDA056CTEvM$/jpg.jpg

you'll need to save the pic and blow it up so u can see better. Hope this helps.

09-07-2002, 08:38
Actually it's the DML set. But it looks pretty similar. I'll give it another shot. Thanks for the info!!

The Legendary Jorg
09-07-2002, 11:19
You need to sew/glue something to assemble that right. There are three rings of different sizes that pass through each other. The smallest on needs to be secured with a thread or something.

I know that is confusing, perhaps someone has a picture of what it should look like?

09-07-2002, 15:11
Hey Ryan, Jorg is right. You'll have to glue or sew the pack to the harness. I choose to glue. As far as how to thread the rings together here's some pics of my DML HALO rig:!X9U3q6bynoZEhFj0Uz89JmVBXLMEg2TWvJ0 J3loeN83IL1v9yXSApKokUoU9C4!xtqoOJouCcb*jJYk*G*g6x 63fdzbWysfMc8bCjUTOLyGXveT5Ng$$

I added some small details that were missing on the rig as you may notice. I hope the pics helps to explain the rings. It was a tight fit even on a bbi body, mostly trying to fastening the straps around the legs. I left off the Owl's body armor but was able to fit the rig over his tec vest with little trouble.


09-07-2002, 15:50
Damn you did a good job on the little details.


09-18-2002, 13:47
Would it be possible to get a pic or 2 from the front without the weapon? Or perhaps from the back, if your cute is still removable (perhaps I don't have everything connected to the right points).
I'm trying to decide if my harness is sewn wrong, or just really, really loose...

09-19-2002, 08:05
Hey Ziggy,

I have an extra set still in the box and I'll try an do some pics of the harness on a figure with out the Para-Rig glued on. I'll see if I can get the pics posted on Friday, would that be cool.


09-19-2002, 08:48
That would be excellent.
As much as I like them, I know very little about HALO jumpers and their gear, and as loose as the rig was, I figured I had to be doing something wrong (you'd think it would be adjustable or something). Just to be safe, for this, assume we're coming straight from the box, if that's not too big a deal.
Since this question has come up more than once, perhaps we should open a section on the board for tutorials on assembling the more complicated figs (Dragon Halo, HT Halo... that's all that springs to mind initially)...
Just a thought...

09-20-2002, 14:28
Thanks for posting those pics... turns out I did have a bit of an error in the rigging afterall...
Regardless, your email about the pics came through Microsoft's site, so it didn't actually have your personal address anywhere in it.
I hope you see this here ;)


03-11-2003, 17:53
Hey Ziggy,
Sorry I haven't checked this for months, I wasn't aware I could access this section. They must have recently opened it up for non-supporters, anyways I hope you got the DML HALO rig resolved. Here's the link to the pics of my DML HALO mod's.

<a href="!X9U3q6bynoZEhFj0Uz89JmVBXLMEg2TWvJ0 J3loeN83IL1v9yXSApKokUoU9C4!xtqoOJouCcb*jJYk*G*g6x 63fdzbWysfMc8bCjUTOLyGXveT5Ng$$" target="top">DML-HALO rig Slide Show-10 pics </a>

You can check my profile for my contact info.

03-11-2003, 18:08
Wow.... talk about a blast from the past...

I haven't done nearly the calibre of mods to my sets that you have, but yes, I did manage to get the rigging right.
Thanks for all your help.


04-29-2003, 00:51
whats the point you got nothing to drop a man with look mom, halo from th roof