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12-23-2002, 17:55
Seasons greetings,

I like BBI's G3 figure (weird personal area excepted) and would like an AA G3 body for a photostory I'm hoping to do. Has anyone ever repainted a Caucasian figure to an AA one? Is it even possible? Any help would be appreciated. Again Seasons greetings all. Mike

12-23-2002, 18:11
Hey Mike, romedome will likely chime in sometime. He's done some great posts, w/ figures he's changed to Phillipine troops and historical figures. His posts should be somewhere down the line, or standby for romedome himself.

Another Mike, this place may get classy yet.

12-23-2002, 20:23
Since most figures are covered up with so much stuff, you could just swap the hands and head out. Esp if it's bbi where you can remove the head at the ball/socket point. Full fingered gloved hands and a turtleneck would do it.

If you don't have him prancing around in a tank top and shorts, who would know the difference.


12-23-2002, 21:23
Not being a pro like the greats that also frequent this place amongst guys like me (a rank amateur), I only do the hands (unless it's covered like FET suggests), neck, and face and only with camo makeup (brown) to darken the Asian headsculpts to look more like the "gintong kayumanggi" or golden brown skin that Filipinos have. Here's an example of DML's Vietnamese Linh headsculpt darkened to make her look Filipina:
<img src=""/>

Also checque out this one ( ic), that one ( ic), and the other one. (

The acrylic masters here (and/or other recommended paints) can provide better guidance since my method is temporary (I wipe it off afterwards with a damp cloth for my next k'bash project).

Yet another method would be to get the nude Native American Windtalker figures - they have Asian faces and dark complexion, IMO.

Here's to PDog's kind remarks - I appreciate 'em. :) Cheers!

12-24-2002, 03:24
When I got Roscoe I was annoyed he didn't come with regular hands, just those big gloved ones. I took a pair of caucasian hands and dyed them in RIT Brown. The hands came out fine, but the post was a little lighter due to them using a different type of plastic. I ended up using a brown Sharpie pen to get them to the same color. I don't see why you couldn't do a whole figure. I think you could even lighten the palms of his hands afterwards using a Q-tip and alcohol.

12-24-2002, 08:19
As a test I dropped a blonde haired Cy Girl head into a glass I filled with water and Red Rit Dye to see if the hair would turn red. Well, it didn't, but the head did and did without affecting the eyes, lips, or other painted on details. She looked like she had a really bad sunburn. Now I suppose it depends on the type of plastic (the Cy girls heads are a soft type). But you might take a chance and experiment. Taking some Brown Rit Dye (any supermarket or craft/fabric store will have it) and mixing it into a glass and leave it for a while checking every so often to see if the color is taking. I left the cy girl head in overnight and it turned a bright red (Purgatori like if you know the comic).

12-24-2002, 10:24
I have re-painted Scorpion . He was kind of greenish brown. I used an airbrush and acrylic paint to change the color to an African American. It turned out awesome.

Guardian Matsuo
12-24-2002, 11:12
As a general Rule of thumb painting soft plastic is pretty easy with acrylics (water based)....
DO NOT! attempt to use an oil based enamel on any soft plastic. It will never dry. The solvents in the oil based paint will soften the plastic and leech out oils found naturaly in the plastic/vinyl and it will become sticky and for all intents and purposes ruined.
The only way you could use oils on soft plastic is if you first coat it with a water based primer. This encapsulates the vinyl and allows for use of solvent based paints.
I will try to come back later with examples.


12-24-2002, 19:27
Thanks for all your suggestions. I will try a few on a couple of old figures first. Mike

12-24-2002, 23:06
I think Dragon "Linh" looks fine the way she comes,
because not all Pilipinas have dark skin, they vary in
color, Ive seen a lot with light complexions and some
with the dark complexion :lol:

Numbr Six
03-18-2003, 14:06
The "RitDye" method mentioned previously works best on soft plastic and some resin cast pieces. The trick seems to be to get them thoroughly cleaned with detergent/water or mineral spirits, before immersing in a dip. There are some variables to consider:
- better to dye too light than too dark (as in the "sunburn example). If you darken a piece too much, soak it in RIT color remover (there will be a slight tint remaining on the plastic)
- the softer the piece, the more color it will absorb; the longer it is left in the bath, the darker it will get; the hotter the water (do not boil), the darker it will get as well.
A soft piece in a hot dye bath for 7-10 minutes will get as dark as a harder plastic piece, in a simmering dye bath left for 25-30 minutes.
- try to dye all your pieces at one time (some pieces will take longer than others to reach a matching color)
- keep the same water level in the dye bath; as some of the solution evaporates the remaining solution becomes concentrated - parts will get darker quicker/not the same shades.
If you are going to be doing this, I highly recommend you use an inexpensive enamel covered pot (about $7 in WMart), dedicated for dyeing only. Do not use the same pots you use to cook your food.
Good Luck