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12-29-2003, 20:42
Hi to all,

I have been forced out the dark (lurking), to ask a question regarding patches.
And what size they should be for 1/6th scale?
This is because i came across the following websites for badges and patches, and i have downloaded and resized some of them.
(This was done with the generous help, of some members of another forum)

I have made some images of various WW2 German badges and insignia.
I think that i have them at the right size, and i need someone to view them to see if they are correct.

Please note:

This is for my own use, and i am not trying put anyone out of business making patches.
It is just that i don't have that many figures to compare the badges with.
If anyone is interested please PM me, and i will send them the Word document zipped to an e-mail address.

Thanks in advance.

01-01-2004, 15:27

I don't know if anyone is interested or not.
But after having to master Word 2002, Windows XP Home and how to create a webpage...

I have some patches i resized on the following page:

Let me know how i did please?

Crazy Chocobo
01-01-2004, 16:43
Why don't you post this over in General Discussion? It'd get more views there.

01-01-2004, 16:45
Your patches look good. Nice collection of German patches.

01-01-2004, 16:53

Thank you for your replies.
I posted the topic in here because, i thought it would come under the title of this part of the forum.
Can anyone tell me how i can move this topic please.

Thank you.

Crazy Chocobo
01-01-2004, 16:58
You'll have to PM someone with moderator, super moderator, or administrator powers. The alternative would be to simply repost the thread there.