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12-27-2003, 14:15
Ok, here's how you do it!

What you need:
1) 1x 3.5(or so) volt LED 5mm or smaller(I used blue, you can use clear)
2) 1x "submini slide switch"
3) 1x 3volt lithium watch battery
4) 24awg or so wire (Whatever common phone wire is)
cut into two 8-10 inch pieces and a 3rd piece about 3 inches
5) electrical tape
-everything you need you can get at radio shack-
6) drill, and 1/16 inch drill bit.wire strippers, soldering iron- optional

*********Caution****Soldering iron is hot****the beverage you are about to enjoy is hot******

*Start by drilling out your flashlight. Use a 1/16 inch bit and drill 2 holes, for the leads of your LED. A larger hole will work too, just make sure that the leads don’t touch. A 5mm Led will fit nicely onto Bishop's light. Use smaller LEDs for smaller lights. A smaller LED will actually fit into the light , which is probably the desired effect, but Radio Shack didn’t have any smaller LEDs

*Remove the black wire from a common phone cord. Solder one wire to one lead and another wire to the other lead. (or you can use tape or just wrap the copper around the leads, careful that they dont touch each other.) Insert wire and LED into light from the front end
The wire will then run down the right (or left, your choice) of the rifle.
*Slide the stock off, you will need to cut a way a portion of the slide rail so the stock can fit over both wires.
*Replace the stock, and I used a small wrap of electrical tape right in front of the receiver to hold the wire in place.

*Wire the switch and battery per drawing (I usually dont enter to many art contests!) You can solder or use electrical tape to make connections, If you use tape, make sure you wrap it tight.

*Remember that an LED will only work in one electrical direction, so test the polarity by touching the leads to the battery. If it doesn’t work in one direction, try the other. Identify which lead is positive and negative.
*Connect positive lead to battery
*connect negative lead to switch(either terminal)
*connect other side of switch to negative side of battery
*give switch and battery a good wrap of electrical tape to keep wire from coming apart

Don’t be afraid to try this! This is the simplest electrical circuit! You can make it work!
You can wrap up the wire, battery and switch and hide it under body armor or a tac-vest, and you will never see it. Of course, feel free to experiment. Most of you are a lot better at customizing figures than I am. I cant wait to see everyone’s troops sportin’ real lights. And for those of you with Hummers, or Little Birds, or sport bikes…oohhh…

One Bravo Four
12-27-2003, 14:30
Can you say: Archive?

Excellent tip and idea.

Great job.

12-27-2003, 14:51
Yep, I'm going to have to try that.

12-27-2003, 15:36
Oh so very cool! Gonna have to do that to a SWAT figure for sure!

12-27-2003, 15:44
megawatt.... That , Sir is BRILLIANT !!!!!
No pun intended .
Awesome idea !:thumb

Desert Rat 197
12-27-2003, 15:47
I'm so going to try this.