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12-21-2003, 18:22
I mean this as no offense to anyone, I just want to address something I have been noticing popping up again lately.

In this day, the new local pub has become internet chat boards. Placing where you can hang out with your friends, talk about common interests, share stories, hobbies and the like. Too many people seem to take a persona on a board that they may not have in person. I call this the "keyboard cowboy" syndrom. To put it bluntly, NO ONE likes a keyboard cowboy. I can sum up the best way to be a "decent human being" on this board in two words: be NICE and MATURE. OK, technically 4, but hey...

For the purpose of this thread, I'm going to relate it to OSW and other action figure boards.

1. When stating a "fact", site some sources. You'll find you really only have to do this once or twice before people will start believing you. If you spent time in the military, say so. Tell us your unit or what you did. Don't make things up, you will eventually be found out. Also, if you "heard" something, say so. You lose a lot of credit by stating something initially like a fact and then when proven wrong you say "well that's what I heard". Also, like it or not, if you are not an adult, be prepared to back up your "fact" with proof. Proof isn't "my cousin's sister's boyfriend's uncle's room mate said so and he was in SEAL Team 47!" Like it or not, adults are less likely to believe a kid than an adult with real world experience. Fair? Nope. True? Yup.

2. On a related note, use of proper grammar and spelling gives you A LOT more credit than you realize. I understand English is not a 1st language to some of you, that is totally different. What I'm talking about are people that have English as a first language and use "internet" grammar, horrible spelling, and no puncuation. This isn't an Instant Message. Type your post like you would an email.

3. BE NICE! Here is the biggie. If you are correcting someone, do it nicely. We all recognize that if you use ALL CAPS you are emphasizing something. So if you go to correct someone and some of the first words out of your mouth are WRONG! or SORRY or NOPE, that is basically an attack. This goes for kids as well as adults. Simply correct them as nicely as possible or state your differing opinion. I know some people get all excited about correcting someone, but it doesn't win you many arguements that way. Or many friends.

Also, if you see a bash you don't like or think downright sucks, keep your damn mouth shut! What good does it do ANYONE for you to say "that's ugly!" or "that sucks!" You just hurt someone's feelings and realistically, what has it done for you? If that actually makes you feel good, you need help. I've heard some say "well why beat around the bush, if their bash sucks, tell them so. It will help them." How in the world does it help them? If they constantly put these types of bashes up, they obviously don't care. Why point it out every time? You may want your bashes to 1000% accurate down to knowing what underwear the troop had on that day, but not everyone else does. Don't force-feed your views on that person. If the person is new, you may very well have just ruined the hobby for someone.

On another related note, saying "Nice bash" and then listing 10 things you think they should fix or you think would be better, isn't much better than just listing what you would have done differently. Most of us like suggestions now and then, but there are people on this board that constantly say "Nice/Great bash BUT..." It's not cool.

You may also notice that if you are either of that kind of person, your bashes and threads don't get the same traffic and comments others do. Gee, I wonder why.

Don't argue or correct on mundane things. Did someone call a bash a Delta when it is actually a DEVGRU? Who cares? Is it a good bash? Than who cares? Did someone mislabel a guy Delta that is wearing a Navy SEAL patch? Fine, point it out, no need to be a jerk about it. This goes with being nice and being mature...

Which is our next topic:

4. BE MATURE. This kind of relates to everything I just said. If someone corrects you, or gives you suggestions or you are correcting someone else, don't fly off the handle. This is directed at kids as well as adults. If you correct someone, again, don't say "WRONG!!!" Just kindly and MATURELY correct them. If someone corrects you or says ANYTHING you may not like, don't attack the person to start swearing. Personal attacks and swearing does not win you any respect.

5. Respect people and people will respect you. Take a look at some recently banned members and not so recently banned. They did not respect basically ANYONE on this board. Look where they are now?

These are not pointed at anyone or several people or even one particular post. If you took this personal or are offended, well maybe you ought to look inside and see why you did.

Anyways, enough of my ranting. Happy Holidays to ALL OSW members.

One Bravo Four
12-21-2003, 18:32
Excellent points Unforgiven. These should almost be engraved.

I like always coming back to the wise old Sage Thumper.

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"

As a matter of fact we've been toying with the idea of an OSW Charter. This may well be the foundation of it. Funny...I never thought of you as a James Madison...


12-21-2003, 19:12
Oustanding, this day and age when people seem incapable of being polite I hope that everyone reads your statements and takes them to heart.

12-21-2003, 19:30
Well written, Unforgiven. If I might add just one humble thing, respect each service and the people that served there. It's one thing for a sailor to call a Marine a "jarhead", but I can tell you from experience that the sailor & the marine will stand back to back taking on all comers. Unless you've earned the right, don't abuse the right.

Oh yeah...and a very Merry Christmas to all .

12-21-2003, 19:53
It's actually a crying shame that you had to type all that out and post it. Seems like common sense isn't as common as we'd all like to think it is.
Unfortunately, the ones who would/will/could truly benefit from the post will most likely ignore it altogether. Tragically, it is most likely the choir that will read and appreciate the sermon.
At any rate, your sentiment is well apreciated by those of us who try to live clean. Thanks.

Desert Rat 197
12-21-2003, 20:10
I agree 1000%. I've seen this type of things on other boards. I've it a couple times (after being burned in a trade)
Which is actually why I like it here, I don't see it here. 99% of the bashes I've seen here get positive feed back. Thanks Unforgiven5150 for posting this, and laughinggravy2 you're dead on it is common sense.

12-21-2003, 22:36
Great points, Brian. For the most part, I find everyone here on these boards to be rather nice and informative. While I don't read every single post (or may miss a few), I usually don't see many unkind words. Perhaps a correction or two about a someone's "fact" or someone's Ranger bash having a USMC insignia on their helmet cover, but nothing too out of line. I always have a very pleasant experience here.

One pet peeve that DOES make me crazy though, is your point #2. Some of the grammar here can be down right horrible. And I think it's just plain laziness.

When you post something, I assume you want someone to read it. After all, what other reason would there be for posting, right? So, my advice? Make it as easy as possible for someone to read. Sometimes I see someone ask a question in a post and it makes absolutely no sense, what-so-ever. No punctuation, no capitals, words misspelled and mangled beyond understanding. In other words, if you type like this--

'then pleese dont becaus it makes it reely hard for someone to understand what your saying people dont have time to sit and deesyfer your muddled langwidge with nothing but a giant runon sentence that is so hard to understand that i click out of the post before i even try and finsh reeding it"

Our non-English speaking/spelling friends excluded.

Try and remember that when you type here, you're representing yourself to the rest of your fellow members. We don't get to talk in person (most of us) or make any other impressions other than how we express ourselves here in words and grammar. (Which, is you didn't know, it my forte'.:p)

And yeah, if ya ain't got nothin' nice to say about someone's bash........ You know the rest.

12-21-2003, 23:03
I couldn't agree more Unforgiven. Courtesy is the number 1 way to get respect in my book. If you don't like someone, be nice to them. If they slam you, still be nice to them. Treat each other with respect and this will stay a happy place. With my background, I can look at bashes and tell if they are correct or not. Do I slam people for every little thing? Not unless they ask me to. I have seen many bashes with little inaccuracies but it is not my pace to correct someone who is just enjoying themselves. Again, great post and I hope some people take it to heart.

PS I can't tell you how many posts that I go back and edit because I misspelled a word and missed it on te proof read.

Desert Rat 197
12-21-2003, 23:20
There is one thing that I wanted to add only caused I just saw it on another site. "The Clique" I seen on another site that a group of guys (all who share the same hobby) tend to "control" the forum, other members get ignored, photos don't get rated or commented on. When a member from "The Clique" posts a photo everyone stops and gives all the praise. IMHO if I suck at a bash I would like someone to tell me. I can't improve without suggestions from my fellow hobbist. Maybe that's why I like it here so much. Everyone gets a fair shake. I'm so glad I joined.

12-22-2003, 00:21
Thanks for th kind words all. I wasn't sure what the reaction would be. I agree with everything you guys said. Especially that the people that NEED to read it, probably won't or will just blow it off.

DR, I understand what you mean when you say you would like to hear if your bash sucks to help you. My point is that there are people, most of them have been banned, that if you aren't from their clique, or you aren't 1000% accurate, or they just don't like you, than your bash sucks. Also that if someone is constantly just saying "that sucks" to you, #1 what have they told you that will help you make it better? Nothing. #2, if they are constantly doing it, I'm sure you would get irritated at some point.

I'm not saying people shouldn't offer constructive criticism or suggestions (which I think is a much better word and far less aggressive), I'm saying that someone simply sayinvg "that sucks", doesn't help and that someone says "great bash, BUT..." and then has a list, EVERYTIME, isn't really any better. Those people just want to either push their ideas on everyone else or are just trying to show how superior they are by saying what they would have done better.

12-22-2003, 01:12
Agree with you Unforgiven. I'm guilty of the over-criticism of figure bashes myself--gotta watch that. But I share Desert Rat's note that, as relatively new guys to 1/6 we could use some constructive criticism.

On the part of the posters (I don't mean any offence here): I usually think that when people show off their bash, they usually want to hear what people honestly think about it. If it's overall good, that's nice, but mild criticism would also work--like you guys said, not the "It sucks" and then period, but more like: "It could use a little bit of this....but that's just me."

Personally, I prefer hearing it when someone gives their personal observations/aesthetics on my figs. It usually gives me an observation I normally would see; I prefer to do lean, lightweight figs, but a person used to equipment-laden bashes might see it differently--and that sometimes helps, especially when I want to do something different--if not with th current bash, an idea in the future. Best case for me, when I posted my two SWAT variations and asked the Forum which style they liked better (HRT Blue won over Urban Camo in that round).

I also admit to this: I'm guilty of being too gag-happy on the boards. Sorry about that; I'll try to tone down on the thread spam from now on, or at least keep the post in-topic.

12-22-2003, 02:13
I agree that I also like suggestions, but when that is all I hear from certain people, and not just about my bashes, it tends to wear a little thin. Or, like you said, mild criticism, like "try adding this or that". But there are people here that just say "nice bash" and then have a laundry list of what you should have done.

As for relatively new people, yes they can usually use some suggestions. But look at it this way, some new guy comes and posts 2 of his first bashes and what he hears from a couple of the same people are a list of what he could have done better or should have done, you may frighten him away.

Me personally. I just don't criticize. I can generally find something good in any bash. And if I really can't, I don't post. Now people that put bashes up and I don't post, that doesn't mean I don't like your bash by any means. I just usually do in depth looking on downtime and my work and only have the time to look and not post.

Now maybe I'm a little more sensitive than some. I look at this as a hobby. Something I enjoy doing and it passes the time. But the first weapon I camo'd, I was told outright, using the exact words "It looks like [email protected]#t!". Granted this was on AIM and the now banned member was probably just being a jerk and didn't have the cojones to post it on the board, but it pissed me off and brought me down. Later this guy and another now banned member told me my bashes sucked because they weren't realistic. Again, they were just being jerks on purpose, but I basically stopped sharing my bashes for a while. Not because I was ashamed or believed them, but because I didn't want to deal with people like that. If a hobby isn't fun, what is the point in doing it?

Just my two cents.

12-22-2003, 06:15
Brian you have great points all around. In my years of viewing message boards about 1/6th dollies concerning negative criticism, is that the people who are guilty of it never post their own work. I usually just ignore them just for that reason alone. Unfortunately there are some who don’t know the difference between constructive criticism and being a ‘keyboard cowboy.’ I just wish people would lurk for a while to get the feel for the board before plunging right in, then again it probably wouldn’t even help those assho….um ah people.

Desert Rat 197
12-22-2003, 07:03
Somebody here has this saying in their signature "saying someone's work sucks, is like saying their girlfriend is ugly" or something like that. The first time I saw that I thought he is so right . It's a lot like that. There's one site I'm considering no longer sending in photos due to "The Clique" deal. I remembering posting pictures of my Chinook on different sites. 6 months of work and no one said anything or I got ripped to sredds. One guy sent me an E-mail telling me it was crap. Talk about being hurt.
Anyway point being be respectful like Unforgiven suggested .

12-22-2003, 09:21
I've gotten emails telling me my website "sucks".

I've also gotten some pretty petty criticisms here, mostly from people who want to "score points" by showing how much more they know about the subject of my bash than everyone else.

This sort of thing happens in every hobby, and other areas of human interaction, too.

I would recommend following Brian's suggestions, not only here, but everywhere you go.

...and always remember what Thumper said in the famous movie, "Bambie"

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Super Serg
12-22-2003, 10:43
If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

It's SCARY AS HELL when you read Thumper's words of wisdom TWICE in a thread!


Nick Fury 2002
12-22-2003, 11:34
I agree totally with Unforgiven and others of this forum except on one simple issue. I cant type worth a damn !! I often get fat finger syndrome and strike 2 keys at once or get in a hurry ( not supposed to be on Uncle Sams comp for playtime) and then miss my mistakes on a proofread. I also am not the most gramatically minded person in the world. Please forgive me fellas I do tend to run on and on without proper punctuation.
Other than that I can and do agree totally with everything else. I also hope that I have never offended anyone on this forum even when at times my info may have been incorrect. This is a great place to hang out and share ideas. Without this hobby and this forum I would have lost what little mind I have left long ago. If I had more time I would probably leave a comment in every post. Unfortunately I have to pick and choose as my time is limited and I try to help when and where I can.
Thanks guys for making this my favorite place to hang out. Bring on the beer and pretzels !!!!!!!! :banana

12-22-2003, 11:44
I agree with most of the topics disgussed on this thread. I do want to add that I am an offender of poor grammar and spelling, most of my post are done at work during my breaks, so Im punching keys like sugar ray leonard in his prime, so I miss a key or two but members are able to get what im saying.
Does poor grammar or spelling make me an Un-decent human being?.

I know every one is guilty of mispelled words, but if post "Secrets to being a decent human being on OSW" and #2 on your list is spelling, than you should check your own spelling. Unforgiven, I luv ya man, but ya got some mispelled words my friend, and I dont see you as an Undecent human being, just a human being.

'then pleese dont becaus it makes it reely hard for someone to understand what your saying people dont have time to sit and deesyfer your muddled langwidge with nothing but a giant runon sentence that is so hard to understand that i click out of the post before i even try and finsh reeding it"

I must be really stupid to understand this or just plain smart to figure this out , I had no problems undertanding this and it only took seconds to deesyfer, not all day

Stinny, man I luv ya too, but this is a bit over exageratted.

So what Im saying is, Im standing up for the country grammar people, the people punching keyboards at work fast as they could so thier not caught and punished for not meeting deadlines but doing what they love, bashing.
so dont bash us (no pun intended) We are human beings, and decent ones at that.

Thank you and I luv you all, Marrie Krissmas

One Bravo Four
12-22-2003, 13:54
Super Serg,

ˇEso es porque el golpeador gobierna!

12-22-2003, 14:26

I gotta say I really like the fact that you posted this. Sometimes, if not a lot of times, things need to be said, and they are not. It makes me feel good to know that there are others out there who will come out and make a point about an injustice when that injustice takes place.

I am a new member and I have to say that it is a pleasure to be a member of this group. It is really cool that so many others out there share the same interests as myself.

I too feel that spiteful or negative posts regarding a person's work is absolutely unnecessary, and does really nothing to help the person at all. I know that with my collecting and bashing, that things are never perfect, and they shouldn't be. They should be fun, and if hard work is involved in getting there, then so be it. However, attaining perfection is not possible, nor should it be. Sometimes the best things in the hobby (and in life) are things that are not perfect, they're just the way they are and that is what makes them really cool.

Its amazing and annoying but the instance of people demoralizing or putting down people's efforts happens a lot, not just in this hobby, but in many other situations too. I went to school to become a designer, and I cannot count how many times someone interviewing me, or reviewing my work blatantly told me that my work "sucked" or that my drawings were not "right" or "perfect" or whatever. And it just so happens that the person reviewing the work was always reluctant to show me their own work. This behavior is weak-minded, and does no one any good. When this happens, you never forget it. When you put your heart and soul into something, you know, really worked at it and liked what you were doing, and then the work is rejected or slammed or whatever, it does you no good, because then when you try again later you've got negative thoughts in your mind. Then your hobby loses its "fun" value and becomes "work". At that point you feel like you are competing all of the time for perfection (which is not attainable).

You can imagine that some people, if just starting out, and receive negative comments all of the time, they might give up on something they would have enjoyed doing. Sometimes I think that the people who deliberately say cruel things about the efforts of others are doing so just to get the others to quit. They don' t want the competition, or they're just down on themselves and they get a rise off it. This is pathetic behavior, but we darned well know that some people do this. We just don't have room for them, that's all.

It's pretty sad that we live in a world where for some people it's easier to do something wrong than it is to do something right. And those same people are better at making enemies than making friends...

Oh well, just my two pennies, but thanks again for taking the time to make this much needed point. I only hope the "confused" people take the time to read it too.


12-22-2003, 17:25
Wow! I'm really happy about the response this got. We truly have some great people here.

Let me clarify my comments about grammar and spelling a bit, for Nick. First let me say, Nick, I have never had a problem with your spelling or grammar. Most of what I mean by misspellings and grammar are the IM or "internet" grammar and spellings: no punctuation at all, not case senstive or things like:
iono (which I have been means I don't know)
or people doing words like uNfOrGiVeN (don't get me started on that)
Things likes that. I have no problem with someone typing IMHO (in my humble opinion). But people that purposely spell things wrong.

Another point, which is more about making yourself look better is that if you are trying to correct someone or give facts and the spelling and grammar are WAY off, you probably won't be taken seriously. On the other hand, another now banned member used to be a running joke with a few of us at the Sniper's Nest. He had the worst spelling and grammar, yet when he corrected anyone or spewed information to look superior, his grammar, spelling and puncuation became perfect. Obviously he was more than likely copy and pasting from some web page. That kind of behavior is self-serving and just isn't needed.

12-22-2003, 18:36
My grammer sucks and I aint fixin it so just deal with it :p

I'm just going to add a disclaimer onto my sig file

"Warning Chets grammer sucks so deal"

12-22-2003, 19:15
Brian, I agree on your points.

Chet, don't worry we all make allowances for you, just wish you weren't always nekkid during the chats :LOL

Pvt. Ryan HOH
12-22-2003, 19:18
Hey my cousin's sister's boyfriend's uncle's room mate was in SEAL Team 47.

Great points, well written, had to joke around a bit though, nice to see this up though.

PS: Oh, and isnt your Cousin's Sister's Boyfriend, really your Cousin's Boyfriend??? Hehe

12-22-2003, 22:01
Among all the great and valid points Devilguns said it quite well about the so called "compuilsive criticisers"

people who are guilty of it never post their own work.

In other words put up or shut up!..;)

Nothing to be gained by being a jerk besides making you look like an a$$


12-22-2003, 23:09
Desert Rat 197
Somebody here has this saying in their signature "saying someone's work sucks, is like saying their girlfriend is ugly" or something like that.

- That was my old sig. :) It comes from Sting
(of The Police fame) when they asked him once why he was always so angry at music critics. I think somewhere along that interview he also mentioned that the ones who liked to bash his music the most couldn't carry a single note. :p

As to guys that think they've got the Wisdom of Solomon, I've had a lot of them, too. Ever hear of the guy who insisted that the AWP Sniper was designed to kill Polar Bears "that have skin as hard as concrete"? :rolleyes

I asked him--politely, mind you--to tell me which biology book states that Polar Bears have such tough skin, and he told me that he didn't need to prove anything to an idiot like me. :sadshake

12-23-2003, 11:03
Pvt. Ryan HOH, thats funny, how bout this one, Ceely form the color purple. you mean my kids really not my brother and sister!

12-23-2003, 12:14
Unforgiven5150... I am really glad you started this post . I have shyed away from posting modern bashes here for fear of "Accuracy Nazi's " trying to tear down my work and pride . It hasn't really happened to me , but I have seen some really un-constructive critisism of some of my fellow memebers. Having had such ignorant statement pointed in my direction before I know this can be quite a bummer , especially after you have worked for long hours trying to perfect your project . I could not agree with any one statemnt more than Matsuo's "Put up or shut up" . Granted there are some guys who are or have been active military , but that does not mean that they have seen everything . For instance ... I did a bash of a friend of mine who lives here in SD and is a SEAL . When he got back from deployment in Afghanistan he gave me an Auscam hodded smock that he traded with some Aussie guy (and wore for most of the time he was there )to re-sew/reinforce some of the pockets and such . Just imagine the possible firefight that would insue if I posted a US seal wearing an Auscam jacket? It would be percieved as blasphemy to some and I would be labelled a Heretic or Idiot or worse .(BTW...He IS my cousin's sister's boyfriend's uncle's room mate). I do not want to start bashing the board , more the "Desktop know it alls " . I would just like to remind you all that this is not . Last time I checked the tittle of the board was One Sixth Warriors ...Which to me means any 12' action figure that is a "Warrior" of any genre . Remeber...Just because you saw it on TV or read it somewhere , it does not mean that is always fact . It also does not mean that you have to be the first guy to flex your cyber testosterone on this board . At the same time , there are quite a few people that I have met via OSW and would like to consider friends . Some have checked me when I was out of line and some still do/say things (not to me) that if I was on the recieving end I most deffinitely would take offense to . Such as statements like : " That WOULD be a great bash but,in the photos these guys ONLY carry this weapon this way , so your bash is incorrect and would look better if it was redone my way " . If you have visual reference of a particular point ....Instead of critisizing and making it sound like you are the "be-all to end-all" of this topic ...Post the photos and think about the way you phrase your critisizm. I see so much trivial and rhetorical banter about whether some figure is a BLAH vs. a BLAHH and "BLAH's ONLY wear this"...It kills me . Granted, there are exceptions to uniforms and equppment that do not bend at all , but c'mon guys . I have found that most of the guys who stick to these kinds of arguments are the ones with very little talent or low self esteem , so they decide to pick at peoples work as to make themselves look more "knowledgeable" and rarely post their work ... Also ,realize that there are other boards out there just suited to your needs to be "that guy" .In any event ,there is an amazing amount of talent and information here and it would be nice if people just learned what my mom calls "how to be men" . If you have a critisizm ...Be a man and PM the person instead of beating your chest like a silverback gorilla (Similar to saying "Can I talk to you over here for a minute ?") It's usually the guy who is yelling and screaming the most that is in the wrong or is going to get his ass kicked. If you have a helpful hint or juicy bit of reference ....Just post it instead of trying to destroy someones ego . Sometimes it makes me think that some guys (the "know it alls") are jealous of the talent shown by the "know nots"

As far as spelling goes ....Please do not expect too much from me due to the fact that I am a lefthanded dyslexic .

12-23-2003, 17:35
I am a lefthanded dyslexic . Aly, do you believe in the existence of Dog?

12-23-2003, 17:54
Hi Brian, I remember the incidents that you have mentioned which drove you into "hiding" and stayed away from the old OSW. I invited you back to the new OSW because of all the great changes I've seen and I'm hoping that the experience have been/ and will bring continuing enjoyment for you.

I'm glad though, that this time, you decided to address the issue and bringing it to the forefront instead of hibernating again :b :)

A wonderful Christmas to one and all.


12-23-2003, 19:42
It is kinda sad that a post like this even has to be made. But then again we are all different people from different backgrounds, so what might be common sense or courteous to one, might seem outrageous or unheard of to another.

Perhaps issues like these could be addressed at a chat night. And hopefully it won't degrade to a mudslinging match. If this is a community and we want it to flourish, perhaps these issues can be addressed.

12-23-2003, 21:11
Man, I am really happy with the support this thread got. I was worried it was going to turn into a flame war. I haven't even got one piece of hate mail! This place is the biggest there is and the best. If we can get a few of the bad apples to change their ways and grow-up (not meaning age-wise), this place would be a monster!

As the "put up or shut up", I couldn't agree more. In fact, a now banned member that shall remain nameless, harrassed me on AIM one night, disguising his identity, and just said that he posted at the Sniper's Nest and OSW. He told me my bashes sucked and his were infinitely better, in addition to personally attacking me, my bike club and my wife. When I asked what his screen name was so I could see, he refused. He just said he knew his were better and he didn't need to prove it. Whatever...

Also, while taking a picture and making a bash look just like it takes talent, I find some (and I mean only SOME) of the people that ONLY do that, I find don't have a lot of imagination. Now I'm talking about the ones that can't do a bash unless the can find a picture of it.

My thought basically is that I don't think my own bashes are good enough to criticize anyone else's. I like my bashes, I think they are good, but not good enough to tell someone else what they should or shouldn't do.

Sir Eaton Flipflop
12-25-2003, 06:42
Wise words Brian... I am well pleased that this is being discussed ( we could all benifit from a little introspection and thoughtful reflection when it comes to the way in which we treat and deal one another ) In regards to the comments voiced on the subject of accuracy - and more particularly those instances when it becomes a point of contention... I am relieved and reassured to see that we all bash for our own reasons ( sometimes we bash to reenact or recreate an individual or an era with an eye for the highest possible standard of accuracy - other times we create something new and different - that which appeals to us on a strictly personal or primarily esthetic level... and sometimes our bashes combine a little of the accutrate and a little of the fantastic ) It's all about the process - and more importantly the satisfaction that we all derive not only from our own creative endevors... but from the efforts of others and their willingness to share the fruits of their labors. Maybe now I will feel a little more confident about posting pics of my less than accurate ( flights of fancy ) figures... Of course there are those figures that I bent over backwards to refine and outfit to an historically accurate "T" And I will post those as well... Thanks again, not only to Brian for posting this thread and giving us all a firm - albiet warrented - and positively motivated behaviorial wake up call ( Golden Rule booster shot ) but thanks also to all who took a minute or two to share their thoughts and feelings on this important subject... Hey, and it's Christmas!

Thanks for reading this long winded speech ( is there a spell-check function somewhere nearby? ) -Mike

12-27-2003, 18:51
I agree with Brian, and am encouraged by the fact that a lot of people here also agree with him on this issue.

12-27-2003, 20:12
Great discussion topic. Although I don't post all that much I do enjoy seeing all the bashes and reading about 1/6.
I have found this board friendly and always enjoy posting bashes here even though they're PTO WWII. And I'm a former Marine Corps, VietNam Vet circa. 68-69
Grammer: Well you got me there. Sometimes Jarheads don't say that much. LOL
Bashes: Just a word. It was my personal experience from VN that a lot of guys wore what they wanted. Course maybe it all depends how long the conflict lasts. The longer we're there the more chance that people tend to customize their attire and even weapons.
Example: We had ROK ( Republic of Korea ) Marines. A Marine Corps friend of mine wore their Korean Uniform trousers. Why? Well cause he felt like it. After all they were what US Marines wore in the Korean War.
Our C-Rats were actually from the Korean War era. The date was on the cans. 1953 or 4
Anyway I'm not saying some units didn't keep strict Uniform of the Day rules, but lots of guys just wanted to express themselves in a different way.
Kinda like, Talkin the Talk and Walkin the walk attitude.
It's the Marine Corps way. LOL

Thanks for the opportunity Boys

12-27-2003, 22:15
"....always enjoy posting bashes here even though they're PTO WWII. " Ron, no reason to feel like WW2 isn't as good as any other subject. As I've tried to relate to some of the whelps here, it's a modern war, with radios and everything!

And don't change that hard-won character of yours, either. You're one of the bulwarks of reality, genuine, respected, and mannerly.
Without an odd folkism, bit'o'slang, street jargon, and Chet's traditional grammarcide(which I understand clearly, I'm proud to say), we'd be overrun by freakin' English majors. And I know nobody wants that.

12-27-2003, 23:32
Hey Ron you just keep bashin them USMC PTO guys and I'll just keep on singin there praises ..................
There are a few of us WWII guys out here in OSWland

12-28-2003, 11:58
Ahhh Chet, it's 'their' not 'there'...

Nick Fury 2002
12-28-2003, 12:59
Well keeping with the subject of this post I was just browsing GPHQ and came across an old old thread of mine and a response to it that was posted almost 1 year after i made the post. Needless to say it is by a member of the forum that I have not seen any thing from as far as bashes or the likes. I was kind of torn on how to take his Praise/ critisisms (sp). He seems to know waht he is talking about but hey who knows on the WWW. Anyway he pretty much tore my bash apart with his critique but at the same time offered some info. While I spent countless hours before this bash researching every single bit of seemlessly unavailable info on the NZSAS I did the best with the pics info and kit I could scratch up. Try finding pics and info on the NZSAS and you will see what I mean. Wish you more luck than I had at the time. Anyway point is I poured hours of time and heart into the research of this bash that this guy ripped apart 10-11 months later. Oh well. I got more positve comments than I did negative and I have never seen this guy post one darn pic or at least not under that name. So Unforgiven I can understand your point on the subject of this post. Will it stop me from posting? HELL NO !!!! I love this Hobby and the drive it inspires in me. Take care guys.
Oh by the way here is the post I am referring too
My NZSAS bash (

Just Clay
12-29-2003, 04:01
...Why are we talking about it? OK just kidding. Good points Brian.

01-02-2004, 09:54
Good thing that you brought it up Unforgiven. I think i know what you meant by all these lack of Nettiquette by the many online clowns out there. I was pretty hesitant about putting my pics up as well cos of the "Accuracy Nazi."

All in all, my experience here has been a great one so far, though I did hear alot of nasty things about the old OSW that kept me away for quite a while.

Keep this going everyone! :)

02-16-2007, 23:15
I just came across this...good time to revive it.

02-17-2007, 02:03
I just came across this...good time to revive it.
It was interesting to stop and read this after I'd just spent some time catching up at a war gaming forum where I'm no longer active. All good points; concise and seemingly common sense.

Just Clay
02-18-2007, 01:28
Remember people, Love is power, Power is love. Anyone seen my meds?

08-07-2007, 16:08
After reading Stinny's post, this may be a good time to bump this.

08-07-2007, 20:34
Is it me or does this thread need to be reborn once a year? Over time I think we get "too" comfortable with each other.

08-08-2007, 10:06
Comfort can be a good thing. Comfortable with your friends, family, significant others... But when comfort starts to make you do things you know deep down are really not appropriate or having you taking advantage of each other, you are too comfortable.

01-13-2009, 17:58
Is it me or does this thread need to be reborn once a year?
I think it's been longer than a year, but it is time to be reborn. Arise mighty Phoenix!

01-13-2009, 18:53
Sometimes, a gentle reminder is necessary. Sometimes, you need a baseball bat.

Mr. Petey
01-14-2009, 10:28
timely post.

However, I have never felt that I have been the victim of rudeness or 1:6th scale snobbery. I enjoy the board, and everyone I have interacted with has been very pleasant.

Now, in order to establish my maturity as a married father of three who is closer to fifty than not, I will go play with the same toys I had forty years ago, but now I need reading glasses and tweezers, and a really good desk lamp!

thanks for the post Unforgiven

Just Clay
01-14-2009, 20:14
Sometimes, a gentle reminder is necessary. Sometimes, you need a baseball bat.

No hugs?

01-14-2009, 20:29
No hugs?

Here ya go buddy...:budhug:budhug

Just Clay
02-01-2009, 11:20
Don't you slack jawed mommas boys have anything better to then yap like little doggies with a bone to big for ya?

Man next thing ya know we'll be holding hands in the shower and singing showtunes in the lunch line up.