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12-17-2003, 17:53
Recently I used Testors Dullcote on the Hasbro rubber tires without a problem, and assumed that another brand would provide the same effect. However, the other brand did not, and the chemicals I believe are reacting with the rubber. I used a Matte sealer aerosol and the tires are very sticky and will not dry.

To remedy this I used a bit of DOT 3 Brake Fluid to help remove the layer of Matte sealer. I did not soak the tire in it as usual, just poured some of the fluid on and used an old tooth brush to help remove it. Rinsed with soap and water and found that later after drying the "sticky" was still there.

Anyone had this experience and know a way to get the rest of the bad sealer off to save the tires? I hope I have not ruined them.

Thanks ahead of time


12-17-2003, 19:54
I feel for ya bud. I really do. I hope someone can help you out on this one. I wish I had the right answer for you. Somebody has to have an idea for you. There are many in here that are extremely knowledgeable about soo many things.
Good luck!

12-18-2003, 00:29
If it's reacting to the rubber... try leaving it outside to air dry. If the chemical dissipates, try rough sanding the tires. I sprayed mine with Krylon Black primer and they came out nice.

12-18-2003, 00:56
Thanks Mutt and Sawgunner!

Well, I don't know for sure but I may have pulled my stuff out of the fire, this time... I put some baby powder on the tires, actually quite a lot, totally covering the entire surface, especially valleys between treads. I then used a large cheap brush to remove all of the excess. The powder looks to me like it has absorbed the sticky stuff. After about 3-4 hours it was the same, tires finish is smooth and no stick. In addition the white of the powder provided a bit of highlight or worn look to the tire.

Hopefully the powder absorbed all the solvent, I guess if in a few weeks or months if the tires turn to jello I'll know I'm wrong!

Next time I won't dabble with cheap flat/matte coat.


12-24-2003, 09:39
Heh a lesson well learned..;)

Over time your tires will be ok I'm sure.

Some clear coats are especialy nasty and react with other paints and surfaces that even the same brand of paint would not.
Generaly owing to the solvents used in clear formulas as opposed to those used in pigmented ones.

Testing them first is always a good idea..

What brand of flat was it that mucked up your tires? we know to stay away?

May the gods of aerasol smile upon you.


12-29-2003, 12:54
I am very happy to hear that your situation with the tires has improved. I would also like to ehar what brand you used, so that others can aviod the same preoblem in the future.


12-29-2003, 16:54
Hey there

Sorry bout the lag in reply. The Matte Sealer I used was made by "The Armoury", and is made essentially for painted metal miniatures, like the Dungeons and Dragon type. It is labelled as "Quick-Dry Clear Overcoat". I had used it before but could not remember what the finish was like. If you look up "Matte" in the dictionary I have, it says flat, without shine, or dull. So technically a "Matte" sealer would have worked.

This sealer was purchased a while ago at a hobby shop that specializes in gaming supplies and metal 54mm figures, so it really is not for plastic military modelling. It would probably work fine for styrene or other hard plastics, but not soft rubbery surfaces like the tires... But keep in mind the finish will not be as flat as you'd like. I think part of the reason the tires were so shiny is that the solvent was never drying...

The Flatcoat that I used with success is just Testors Dullcote or the "Lusterless" type. Although solvent based it does not seem to react to the rubber of the tires, and eliminates the unrealistic shiny rubber appearance the tires have out of the box.

You'd think that Hasbrolin would just make the tires have a dull finish anyway, I don't think it would have been that hard to do...

By the way, the tires seem ok now, that I sprayed with the wrong stuff. I sprayed the stuff on the Humvee too, uh-oh (rounds being fired in my general direction, duck, dodge) and the shiny sticky thing happened too. However, I sprayed Testors Dullcote on after applying baby powder to each tire. All I know is the tires seem to be fine now, no sticky and definitely not shiny. The baby powder seems to act as a quick way to absorb some of the sticky solvent, and after you brush most of it away, it leaves the tire looking just a bit worn, which is the effect you are after anyway.

Well, I'll know in a few years if the tires are gonna melt away into oblivion, but they look alright now...