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11-17-2003, 21:21
how do you put the special forces shotgun from the DML special forces equipment set, onto an m4? its really got me confused and nervous of breaking something, thank you for your help

11-17-2003, 21:35
Take the shotgun off the pistol grip holder thing so all you have is the trigger guard, barrel, etc. It should be sorta like the one in the picture and should have the little rail attached to it. Then simply stick the railw/ scattergun attached and put the pegs in the M4. The pegs may need to be stuck on there with some help, but it should work. Hope that helps.

11-17-2003, 21:43
well the shotgun has the loop at the end, it wont slide over the m4 barrel, what should i do? (the peg goes in great)

11-17-2003, 22:11
cut it, then reglue it on that is the only way to put it on. Use very thin knife so as not to damage the barrel too much.


Hardway Juice
11-17-2003, 22:22
I have several of the M4/Shotgun combos that came with DEVGRU Shane, and on all of mine, the muzzle brake is removeable, allowing you to slide the shotgun off. I've noticed, however, that not all DML M4's have this feature.


Pvt. Ryan HOH
11-17-2003, 22:53
Take the Loop off of the shot gun, you should be able to snap it on over the barrel, attach the shot gun, then adjust it. This should work as the loop is "c" shaped.


I Have never tried this, so it might not work, its just a suggestion.

11-18-2003, 00:34
I cut the flash hider off then reglued it after slipping the shotgun on.