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Sgt Jamie
10-30-2003, 21:08
OK. here is a tutorial on weathering.
what you need:
acrilic paint
toilet paper
paint brush
area near a sink
hair dryer

1. Get you different shades of brown out.
2. Dab some blobs of paint all over one side of the weapon.
3. Get some toilet paper and bundle it up.
4. Turn on a sink and pass the weapon under it two times.
5. take the tissue paper and blot the weapon reapedly to get the desired effect.
6. Turn on the hair drier and dry the weapon

There you have it! I like the results. Post your results here!:thumb

11-21-2003, 20:41
I have been painting model kits since I was a kid and I've found that there are two extremely effective ways of weathering anything.

1) A "wet wash"
2) "dry brushing"

Here's a nice quick way. What Jamie seems to be describing is a "wet wash", but with a lot of extra work. First thing you need to do is find the color you want to fall into the cracks and grooves of the weapon (or whatever you're looking to "weather".) Then apply a small bit of paint to your brush and dip it in water until is diluted enough to make it watery so it will seep into the cracks of the weapon. If you find that you have too much paint on the weapon for the desired effect you were going for, then feel free to pat it down with a tissue.

Once that part dries, then you can add the highlights with the "dry brushing" technique. Take your brush again and add the color you've chosen to highlight your weapon-- or, part of your weapon. Instead of dipping it in water, you'll need to rub your brush on a paper towel or piece of cardboard. Don't use regular paper because you need something that will absorb the paint off of the brush. Keep rubbing until there seems to be almost no paint left on the brush. (And I mean almost NO paint.) Then messily apply the brush to your weapon. From there you'll be able to see if you need to keep more or less paint on the brush, depending on how the first run went. If there's too much paint on your weapon after the dry brushing, wipe if off with a paper towel.

It's a very simple and effective method and it takes no time at all.

07-01-2005, 12:38
Another way of aplying paint with the dryrush techneique:

get you're brush almost compleatly empty of paint, then, instead of brushing back and fourth, tap the tip of the bristols on the suface of what your painting. The harder you do it, the more the bristols fan out. This can make some pretty neat bullet effects on buildings and vehicles. Play around with it, you can get some really neat effects. I actually have to thank Bob Ross for this one (happy trees!!!). Some years ago I when I was really into painting landscapes (before I got into painting 1/6 figures and weapons) I was watching a Bob Ross rerun and he used this techneiqu to paint trees. I later tried it on a diorama and was pleased with the results.

Sgt Jamie
07-01-2005, 14:19
yeah, i usually use drybrushing for weathering weapond and boots. usually the non cloth items.