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Sgt Jamie
10-22-2003, 19:27
I painted my SAW a perfect camo color, but the paint is flaking off! I used acrilic paint. What will work!!??!?:( :wail

10-22-2003, 20:12
Did you use artist acrylic or modelers acrylic? Which manufacturer made the saw? They use different types of plastic.

Badger Model Flex paint sticks to virtually any plastic in existence. It's sold in hobby shops where they have model trains. I believe it should work for you.

Sgt Jamie
10-23-2003, 15:41
I tested the camo job on a Hasbro SAW. I also did an AR-15.

11-21-2003, 20:46
The plastic that Hasbro makes their weapons out of is almost a waxy kind of plastic; very cheap. The paint has a hard time staying affixed to it. If you use any kind of modeler's paint on a Dragon or bbi weapon, you shouldn't have this problem.

Sgt Jamie
11-21-2003, 22:31
Got it.

12-29-2003, 12:58
Another thing you might try is to first paint a light coat of white glue onto the weapon, before painting it. Let it thoroughly dry (the glue) before painting it.
I used to do this when painting the old Marx figures made of the same plastic.


12-29-2003, 13:22
Has anybody tried dipping weapons into a bath of TSP? before painting.
I know this knocks down sheen and prepares surfaces for painting. Just
a thought. I never had paint peel so I hadnt the need to experiment
with this product., bit it woked damn well on my walls.