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Sgt Jamie
10-19-2003, 17:02
Does anyone have any reference pics of custom desert cammoed weapons?

10-20-2003, 00:35
You could look up some older issues of Time or Newsweek magazine (a good Local Library should have a collection of these). Particularly issues during the recent Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. I've seen a couple of shots of SpecOps personnel carrying camo-painted M4 and M16 rifles in some issues.

You could also try running a google image search online, but I think you've already tried that. :)

But generally, news sites are the best for current-issue images and the like. Miltary-themed sites are also okay, but they don't get updated as quickly as the news sites (for modern conflicts, anyway).

10-20-2003, 00:37
this was posted by darthboz a while ago



10-20-2003, 22:57
Here are a few:




10-21-2003, 02:53
Hmmm...that link mentions a 'long-barrel M4'...isn't that a contradiction? :p

Kiding aside, I think it's an SR rifle (can't make the caliber, so not sure if it's a 16 or 25M) or else a modified M16. It's got a full molded stock, and if the barrel is longer than 14.5 inches, I don't think it qualifies as a M4 Carbine anymore. More like a full rifle. I'm betting it's an SR25, since the 5.56mm rounds aren't exactly match-grade sniping ammo (as evidenced by the Philippine Marines MSSR)

...Just nitpicking. Sorry. :)