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10-13-2003, 21:36

Edit: Forgot to add, this was done using spraypaint from cans since I hate cleaning up after airbrushing.

10-13-2003, 21:43
Awesome! Thanks for the how to. I'm gonna have to save that for future reference.

10-13-2003, 21:44
:jawdrop WOW! THANKS for the tip and photos! Can't wait to try it.:thumb

10-13-2003, 22:33
Very nice work. Now we need a step by step to make a full stoke mk46 mod 0


No serious how do i make that?


Crazy Chocobo
10-13-2003, 22:51
Awesome job!

Just Clay
10-13-2003, 22:54
Another friggin awesome job. Well done.

Hardway Juice
10-13-2003, 23:04

Awesome. Couple of questions for you.

What type of paint do you use. Are you airbrushing or using sprays? What specific colors do you use?

Also, how did you make the overlay stencil. I had this idea myself, but figured it would create to distinct a line between different colors. You've obviously figured out how to get that more blurred, gradual effect, so, how'd you do it?

Last, where'd you get that weapon? I love the look of the shortened barrel with the full stock.


10-13-2003, 23:38
The three colors I used on this gun were: FS32077 Sand, FS30099 Earth Brown and FS30118 Field Drab. All are the spray cans you can find at most military surplus stores. The trick to using spray cans is not laying it on thick and using quick dusting coats. Basically, high pressure, fast strokes.

The Mk46 is the one that came from BBi's Raptor. I removed the collapsing stock and refitted it with a solid stock cut off another SAW.

10-14-2003, 00:09
I may have to start using regular spray cans. My airbrush and I don't get along. I love the results, but with the canned air, it takes a lot of work to get it there.

10-14-2003, 01:30
Man Q Con, you'e been very busy chruning out some quality stuff!! Very cool!!


10-14-2003, 01:34
Awesome work! Thanks.

Hardway Juice
10-14-2003, 15:02
Hey, Q,

Don't mean to keep pestering you on your technique, but I've got some other questions.

1. What did you use to make the stencil? Is it just regular paper, like copy paper? Or is it heavier, like card stock?

2. How long did you let the gun dry between coats?

3. Is there any trick to what you did with the stock? Or did you just cut it off one SAW and glue it onto this one, using motor skills I simply don't possess?


10-14-2003, 19:42
1. I use heavy stock paper (glossy or at least 28#) for the stencil since it's easy to cut and manipulate. Lighter paper will absorb a lot of paint and will start to dimple and fold and won't lie flat after a while. Card stock is a little too thick and can be more difficult to lay down close to the gun or wrap around curves.

2. I usually paint only when it's warm, sunny and dry outside so the paint dries extremely fast, especially since the coats are pretty thin. A few minutes is usually enough time.

3. No tricks or special talents needed with the stock. Just a clean cut of the solid stock off the M249, and filing down the rear end of the Mk46 to give the correct profile when the solid stock is attached (The attachment bracket differs between the collapsing stock and solid stock). Glue the stock on, fill the gaps (if any) and you're set.

Hope that helps.

Just Clay
10-15-2003, 07:21
Damn but that's amazing!... do you do houses?

Hardway Juice
10-15-2003, 20:49
Cool. Thanks for all the great info, Q.