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Sgt Jamie
10-12-2003, 18:43
All you need to do is play with it in the mud and dirt for a while, bury it (or the desired Areas) in there and leave it overnight. Fish it out in the morning and let it dry a bit.

10-12-2003, 19:05
lets see the rusults

Sgt Jamie
10-12-2003, 20:01
ok. i'll tak some pics and post them tomorrow.

Sgt Jamie
10-13-2003, 18:54
sorry. pic is too big. i'll find a camera that works.

10-13-2003, 23:36
easier way to do it is use coffee beans , as far as i remember it was to rub them onto the BDUs for a muddy dirt look, idk how well that works or it comes out, but now u can have DML folgers in your cup ;-)

Sgt Jamie
11-01-2003, 18:06
ok. got my camera working.