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Sgt Jamie
10-12-2003, 17:33
I need to know what to use to fix weapons and certain accessories.:confused:

07-18-2005, 13:17
Krazy Glue works great with everything (your fingers included). Get the gel and use just a little bit, this stuff is strong as all hell. Espeially good with small parts (like gun barrels) that can be hard to glue because a lot of glues don't hold strong enough and take a while to dry. Krazy glue dries in a few seconds to a minute (only once has it taken longer that a minute, useually takes about 30 seconds at most). With some things you may have to sand both surfaces or make small grooves with an exacto knife to give it something to hold to (porus surfaces work best). Hope this helps ya!

New World Man
07-18-2005, 22:57
I just fixed a 21st Century sniper rifle that took a shelf drive and broke off the barrel. Since I couldn't find the broken part I used a solid styrene tube that was almost the exact diameter of the knub that was left ( less than a 1/4" long). I drilled a hole with small drill bit in both pieces exactley in the middle of each about 3/8" deep, cut the head off a finish nail and used KrazyGlue to join the two parts together by inserting the nail between them.
I primed and painted a desert camo pattern (first weapon camo paint job for me) and it turned out pretty nice. You really have to look hard to notice the ever so slight diameter difference.
I find these tools very useful in repairs:
Exacto knife, miter box/ saw, mini round file and mini flat file (check local hobbyshops)
Super glue
mini needle nose pliers
Testor's Dullcoat

07-19-2005, 06:10
Man, I would be screwed without Krazy Glue.

It's saved mu 1/6 ass many times, and you can always get a sneaky sniff, hee hee.

That's so scummy, I know.

07-19-2005, 06:11
Man, Krazy Glue has saved my ass many a dark night of 1/6 disasters.

Sgt Jamie
07-25-2005, 13:29
Good God! this thread is How old? i think it was my first thread lol. oh well, now i use krazy glue also lol. it's saved my butt many times.