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Ronin Six
10-06-2003, 19:35
OSW Content Rating?

We need your help to focus the direction of the OSW, so that:
- the staff has a better guideline of how to keep the place running smoothly
- the expectation of acceptable content is set with the members

99% of the content on this site I would categorize as friendly, very acceptable, informational, and mostly kickass, but we just want to set the expectation for staff and members alike just in case we have to ask ourselves, "Is that okay?"

Remember, the following is just a starting point. If you feel strongly against any of the following suggestions please say so here or contact one of the staff privately, and we'll do our very best to work something out. Thanks!

Suggested Content Rating: MATURE
May contain violent content, mild or strong language, and/or suggestive themes. Not intended for persons under the age of 18.

Content Descriptors
Here are some ideas as to what crosses the line and what doesn't. If your idea of what content does or doesn't belong on a military themed toy site differs from what is suggested below, please do let us know so we have a better guideline of how to run this place... cuz we the staff want to seem like manly men and won't admit it if our feelings are hurt if you call us a bunch of soft, bible-thumping, PC nazis that run away at the site of bodacious boobays. :lol

Alcohol Reference - Reference to and/or images of alcoholic beverages
Blood and Gore - Depictions of blood or the mutilation of body parts
Comic Mischief - Scenes depicting slapstick or gross vulgar humor
Crude Humor - Moderately vulgar antics, including bathroom humor
Fantasy Violence - Violent actions of a fantasy nature, involving human or non-human characters in situations easily distinguishable from real life
Gambling - Betting like behavior
Informational - Overall content of product contains data, facts, resource information, reference materials or instructional text
Mature Humor - Vulgar and/or crude jokes and antics including "bathroom" humor
Mature Sexual Themes - Provocative material, possibly including partial nudity
Mild Language - Mild references to profanity, sexuality, violence, alcohol
Mild Violence - Mild scenes depicting characters in unsafe and/or violent situations
Partial Nudity - Brief and mild depictions of nudity
Strong Language - Profanity and explicit references to sexuality, violence, alcohol
Suggestive Themes - Mild provocative references or materials
Violence - Scenes involving aggressive conflict
Tobacco Reference - Reference to and/or images of tobacco products
Use of Alcohol - The consumption of alcoholic beverages
Use of Tobacco - The consumption of tobacco products

Borderline and not encouraged, but acceptable:
Graphic Nudity - Graphic or prolonged depictions of nudity
Intense Violence - Graphic and realistic-looking depictions of physical conflict. May involve extreme and/or realistic blood, gore, weapons, and depictions of human injury and death
Strong Sexual Content - Graphic depiction of sexual behavior, possibly including nudity

Not recommended:
Drug Reference - Reference to and/or images of illegal drugs
Use of Drugs - The consumption or use of illegal drugs

Too much:
Sexual Violence - Depictions of rape or other sexual acts
Death or Dismemberment of any servicemen
Clay in his frilly pink tutu

Just remember, it's all about showcasing the best of 1:6th scale, and NOT simply to be controversial.


The existing staff in it's current state is generally fine with strong content, but just like all good things in life, moderation is key.

Comments anyone?

Crazy Chocobo
10-06-2003, 22:29
Written like the rules of any decent forum...

10-06-2003, 22:41
It sounds good to me...... You have to start from somewhere.

10-06-2003, 23:37
Now is that 1/6 drug use, or 1/1? Hypothetical question.

Just Clay
10-07-2003, 02:40
Do I get my own rating?

10-07-2003, 08:11
Originally posted by Hardcase01
Do I get my own rating?

You may have to change your name to FirmCase.... :banana

Ronin Six
10-07-2003, 09:44
It's all subjective I guess... we'll play it by ear, and evaluate posts that ride the line on a case by case basis.

PD, I would suggest that we try to stay away from anything that glorifies drug use in general (1:1 or 1:6).

If anyone even thinks about subjecting us to the pain and anguish of posting nude pics of Clay or any of the staff, I will personally come over and dress all your specops dollies in tutus and have a barbie tea party. :p

10-07-2003, 17:07
Thank the onesixth ....en Gods for allowing CRUDE HUMOR, MATURE SEXUAL THEMES and PROFANITY!

...., I forgot to attach a half naked babe pic....for your kitbash inspiration of course.

Magnificent Bastard
10-07-2003, 19:17
I want a waiver. And, a chick with gun pic of the week exception.


One Bravo Four
10-09-2003, 16:09
Magnificent, why would you put up that drawing, when you've got the oh-so-lovely Kate Beckensdale two-gunning in your signature!

10-09-2003, 19:50
I have a question: If I do a story w/ a paramiltary unit hitting a drug lab, can I show the guys inside doing drugs? Can I show the drugs? Can I show the scuz balls taking a .223 hardball thru the throat? I was just wondering since I'd be showing the downside of drug use, is the usage of drugs permissable in this instance?

Magnificent Bastard
10-10-2003, 00:02
Chicks with guns man! Chicks with guns! The more the better! Yeah, aint Kate great?

I dont see a problem with that. I'm sure you wont glorify drug abuse. I'd show them all coked up, and acting stupid like Al Pachino was in Scarface. :lol
We'll be quite amused when they get their just rewards in the end.

Ronin Six
10-10-2003, 09:54
sure thing. no problem. will the dio have chicks with guns?


10-10-2003, 15:46
Of course. Chicks w/guns are a must w/all dios

03-03-2005, 10:56
good points for a MATURE board.

norm i think you're gonna have to bump up the pay scale for the admins though, they've been working double time these past few months. the paid vacations you promised have now accrued to 6.5 hours!

chicks with guns needs to be modified to "hot" chicks with guns.

03-03-2005, 12:10
If we all want to play and have fun here, we will need and parameters. The rules are fine Norm. For what it's worth, I'm perfectly fine w it. :thumb

03-28-2005, 13:05
Works for me. Admittedly, I haven't been on the board all that long, relatively speaking, but I think the membership does a good job self-moderating the content they post.

I think the listed guidelines are great. No more grey areas (except for Clay's unwashed pink tutu). The admins and mods do a great job of keeping this joint from spiralling into the abyss. Keep it up.

03-28-2005, 21:50
detailed depiction of drug use and S&M Bondage are definitely out, should not be encouraged and have no place in this forum. Although there should be freedom in expressing your art, there should be limitations. The guidelines are good.