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09-20-2009, 10:19

This is my first ever post here but I am glad I could share this head sculpt I'm currently working on.
It's done with a mix of different grades (sculpey - white, super sculpey and super sculpey firm), not by choice but just happened cause I did this figure over a long period of time (on and off). There's still a bit of a rough spot on the forehead that I need to sand off.
You can see more pics on my blog here:

btw, it's based off a character from a comic that I really liked, can anyone guess who?

p.s. looking at it, seems like this might be the wrong spot to put this post, moderator feel free to move this to a relevant section of the site

11-28-2011, 22:09
For some reason it reminds me about that older guy in Abbey Chase :D

11-29-2011, 04:40
Nice work, particularly on the beard and hair. I won't hazard a guess, as I only read a few odd comics these days.

11-29-2011, 15:08
Kind of looks like Richard Marchinko of SEAL 6.

Kal El Klarc
10-16-2012, 20:28
Sorry to bump as I only just found this, how did it turn out? Also my guess is Allen Quatermaine from League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen but I am probably way off