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09-16-2009, 14:12
Hello, I`m from Germany and new in the 1/6 Custom area. I have a question. I would create a rabbit cage in 1:6 scale and dont have any idea, what materials I require it to build one .

These things I want to build:

Two Rabbits
Cage with door
Rabbit house
Rabbit Drink Bottle and bowl

It should look like this:


Can somebody tell me how I create these things and with which materials?

I think, I will make the rabbits with super Sculpey.

Thank you in Advance.

I think these topic is in the wrong forum...=/

09-16-2009, 17:58
For the cage base, you could half of a small plastic box. Something that Altoids come in. The cage itself could be made from plastic needlepoint canvas by cutting out the sections you done need. Bottle and bowl, check the barbie aisle and repaint. Bedding can be done by using rough sawdust. You could glue it together to form one sawdust chunk. Hope this jump starts your project.

09-18-2009, 09:49
Thanks for your help. I will try to get the things on Ebay.
If I should have further questions, I will ask. And I guarantee, questions will come. :wink