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Ronin Six
09-15-2003, 14:31
From the Posting Rules:
Commercial Posts
Persons involved in the commercial side of the hobby are welcome to post information about their business, sale ads, etc. We simply ask that you place such messages in the designated Dealer Announcements section, not in the General Discussion area or elsewhere on the board.


We encourage you to:
- participate as much as you like in the discussion on this board
- post photo reviews of any particular 1:6 product
- support and advertise with the OSW by having a banner placed in the right channel of the site
- place a small text link to your site in your signature (but not much more, ie. banner or calls to action in your sig)

However, we highly discourage:
- blatant plugging of your online retail site in the General Discussion area through posting

It's a fine line between telling us about something that happens to be for sale on your site and just talking about something in general, but the OSW Staff is the final say on what we feel crosses that line.


The future of the OSW is ensured in part by these online vendors you see on the right by their support of the OSW by placing ads with us. The OSW appreciates their support, and highly encourage you to visit their stores.