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09-11-2003, 15:58
I've been fooling around with changing dragon's heights since sometime in the spring when I cloned my first successful alien human hybrid........... er wait wrong forum ;)

The figures arranged below are some stock dragons and some hybrid neo/adam dragons and 1 sorta hybrid sideshow. Switching the feet on dragon bodies is how I have been able to alter heights on some. The adam ankle has a short post while the neo ankle has a long post.
Starting from the far left:

My Wiley Compton esque figure is using a sideshow body with a dragon neck post and dragon hands.

The Bob is a dragon adam with neo feet added to give extra height.

The Otto Skorzen is the true tall neo. Found only on him.

The Ben is the tall neo found on him, James, their Lee Marvin figure, etc.

The Otto machinegunner is on the dragon average height neo. This one is mistakenly called the short neo. A large majority of the recent released neo's since last year have been using this body.

The Fritz is on the original short adam body.

The Herbert is using the short neo body. Found on herbert, michael wittman, bobby woll, Wiley.

The last is another hybrid. It is using the short neo body, but with adam feet.

09-11-2003, 16:00
here's a closer shot of the taller figs

09-11-2003, 16:01

One Bravo Four
09-11-2003, 16:04
Damn...that is a cool idea. I've never tried to remove the feet before...

09-11-2003, 16:09

09-11-2003, 16:19
Here's a closeup shot of my tallest and shortest figures in.
The sideshow hybrid versus the dragon short neo hybrid

09-11-2003, 16:23
The only problems I have had is that the new dull colored bodies do not take to being changed. I wouldn't even recommend trying it. The old style shiny bodies though take to it pretty well.
Just stick an exacto in near the knee on the back and start trying to pop it apart. The glue gives way pretty easily on them, the new bodies on the other hand the glue stays put pretty well and the plastic starts to crack.

Mr Grenade
09-11-2003, 16:33
Very cool Bonzo , great idea and would be awesome for group shots having figs of varying height . :thumb

09-11-2003, 17:30
Man was not meant to interfere with the natural order of 1/6 things, you fools! Can't You see, your folly will destroy us all!

Tho' I will admit they are really cool.

09-11-2003, 18:31
hmm...excellent idea!! how easy is the foot removal? I was under the impression that they are not removable :b

09-11-2003, 19:29
Hey Gary,
their not designed to be removed really. You have to use an exacto or some other sharp thin blade to split the calves open along the seam. I'll do one tonight and take some pics. Just got to find an adam with tight joints around here first.
Here ya go man. I didn't have to cut up an adam after all. I had a spare HK cop neo that I had already salvaged his tall feet from and a set of adam legs that had busted at the hip ages ago.

09-14-2003, 18:41
Took this shot today of a figure in the halfway stage to better illustrate the ankle height difference.

This is an adam that has been given a right neo foot.

09-14-2003, 18:51
Great work Bonzo! The height differences would deffinitely allow for a more natural looking squad of soldiers.

09-15-2003, 15:58
Great work, Bonzo! :thumb

I wasn't aware that the size difference was so great, particularly within the Dragon figure line itself. This thread should be archived as well.