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08-12-2003, 21:06
What is the preferred method for weathering uniforms?

I've heard some say to use sandpaper on them to rough them up. I've also heard to wash them repeatedly (seems like it might ruin the snaps). What type of paints or chalks can be used to permanently weather a uniform?

Thanks for any help,

08-15-2003, 13:54

I do WWII Germans and many of the photographs show their uniforms weathered. Weathering really depends on where the soldiers are fighting. I use acrylic paints and an airbrush. I usually spray black on the kness and elbows, then over spray that with brown. If they are to depict fighting in towns and cities, I will do a light overspray of grays or tans to represent dirt and building material dusts from buildings. If you look at some of my recent face pics on OSW you will see some of the faces I am doing. Modern soldiers have the luxury of getting replacement unis in the field. WWII Germans didn't have that luxury late in the war and had to do with what they could get. I don't care if they are filthy and dirthy cause thats how they were.
A good example in films is the germans deplicted in "Saving Private Ryan" when the wall crashed in. Those guys were weathered. I am going to try exposing some of my unis to the actual elements by putting them on stick outside for a period of time to see how they weather from good ole mothernature. Hope this helps some.


08-26-2003, 16:03
something i learned from usmcwayne is just use real mud. i mix up some dirt and water and smear it on the knees, elbows etc. looks real natural, plus if you don't like it you can wash it out and start over.

Another method i use a lot is heating the uniform in tea a few minutes. The tea tends to dull down colors that are too bright, and the hot liquid relaxes the cloth fibers. i put the wet uniform on the figure and arrange it. When it dries it tends to hold its shape.

i haven't had any problems with snaps when washing uniforms. i find a more common problem is the edges coming frayed.

WTF Kinman
08-26-2003, 16:54
I like to drybrush the high edges of the uniforms and equipment with acrylics. I use colors like "sand", "grimey black", and "dirt". I'll use sandpaper to rough up the used look on the knee pads and quick release buckles. Lastly I'll scrape some chalk pastels into powder and smear it over the unis. Highlight logical points like the knees, upper pants and elbows. You can never mess up a weathering job. There is now formula to getting dirty.

WTF Kinman
08-26-2003, 16:55
Ooops! I meant there is NO formula to getting dirty. Goodluck.

Sgt Jamie
10-12-2003, 17:55
If you want your uniform to look dirty, go play with it outside in the dirt or mud. then leave it out to dry. Repeat this process until you get the desired look. If you want, just apply it to the areas where uniforms usally get dirty. Like the knees, the bottom, bottom of the legs, knees, etc.

03-31-2005, 08:50
I just use bromn camo face paint, I don't think it comes off but then again I've never tried, it also looks pretty natural.

04-03-2005, 08:37
Use baby powder to make your unis look dusty, it works great.

04-11-2005, 13:39
I apply white chalk patels to the edges of pockets, edges and hems. These seem to be the first flaces that fade from rubbing (most noticeable on woodland cammies), and the technique looks good when it's done right.

04-17-2005, 06:43
I used to like chalks, but now I use paint 90% of the time. I feel they come out with a more natural and realistic look. Plus, it's not as messy.

But you should experiment with everything and find out what works best for you.