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08-06-2003, 20:07
Good evening everyone, I'm sitting here at my desk piecing together an Iraq based desert sniper kitbash and need a little help.

I'm having a hard time figuring out BBI "Chopper's" chest does this thing fit around the figure? Maybe it's just because I'm flat exhausted from the heat and long day at work, but I can't figure this rig out for the life of me.

Anyone got any pics of how this thing assembles? I checked out BBI's site....and also Opsgear but the pics there weren't any help really.

Also, I gues one more obvious question I should have asked this type of rig acceptable for a sniper? I'm trying to build a sniper that resembles a pic that was posted a few weeks back of the two fully geared up snipers that were in Iraq.

Thanks in advance for all help :thumb

08-06-2003, 20:29
Gungho- the two straps that have single buckles on them go from under the arm to the opposite side buckle, crossing the back in an X shape. The other strap goes from one side to the other across the back.

08-06-2003, 20:40

08-06-2003, 20:41

08-06-2003, 20:43
Hope this is what you needed.

08-06-2003, 21:04
AWESOME....thanks for the pics.....

Also, it looks like it's possible to run a web belt thru the rig.....anyone done this? I'm planning on running a web belt so I can atach canteens,side arm, and etc.

08-06-2003, 23:31
Visit here-
It will answer alot of questions.